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Sunday, January 11, 2015

If these mugs are nice, you should see the blue one I just dreamt...

YES, making a lot of leafy pots lately but HOT DAMN! I was just dreaming that San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities on earth (it is, right?  except I have not been there...) and the last thing I dreamt before the wife sneezed loudly and the dog belched, thus awakening me, was of a blue mug with flowers on it, oh boy! Something else new to try :)
Have a great sunday!

(new mugs by Gary Rith)


smartcat said...

You are definitely on a roll. The cups and mugs are wonderful!
Yes, San Francisco is beautiful....with flowers everywhere! Even in your hair!

Barbara Rogers said...

OK, dreaming technicolor pottery has won some kind of prize! Great mugs!

Hilary said...

Oh those are lovely!

Caroline said...

I have all sorts of ideas for pottery swirling around in my head even when I'm awake. Pity I can't bring them all to life!

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