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Saturday, January 17, 2015


Whoa, I dreamt of MY OWN life just now.  I got my bachelor cat Sammy as a stray in Chicago in 1990, and he passed away in 2007, a good long and excellent life.  He was one of those cats who KNOWS THEIR worth.  He was very friendly, but he could be a bit haughty and naughty. I have not looked back at my first blog since I closed it in 2008 (link here) (I don't like looking back at life, just now and next, thanks) but went there to get this pic.  Isn't he beautiful?  Those are my feet.  The wife customized those slippers for me, actually, and I wear them still...

ANYWAY I dreamt Sammy ran out onto a frozen lake and my wife was following me with the camera because I wanted to make a blog post of saving Sammy...GOSH, now I am dreaming of blogging...

As Emily Dickinson wrote of dreams:

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