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Saturday, January 24, 2015

this is why and what I blog

I think I said it, 8.5 years ago when I started blogging:  the four things I blog every day are 1) what I am doing 2) what I am making 3) what I am dreaming and 4) what I am listening to, because I love music videos and being DJ....
SO, as you have noticed, each day is a little of all that. I don't seem to do all at once, maybe today I will....

WHAT am I doing?  WELL, Friday at 33 degrees and sunny seemed like the nicest winter day since ...July? January has been a funny one:  usually it is just plain cold and sh!tty weather for 5-8 months...but we have had a delightful thaw every weekend.  Then back to below zero F and snowy for the week.  Fair enough....
my dog walking and generalized pet sitting is a snowball rolling down a hill.  I get back from walking 4 client dogs (FOUR! Plus my own dog gets plenty of walks!) (plus the cats I care for!) and just want peanut butter smeared on a chocolate chip cookie and a nap....and I just live in my long johns. I canNOT take any more petsitting clients, these guys are keeping me busy and happy and flippin' FIT.  I got into this because people were always "oh, you work at home?  Can you walk my dog Tuesday and feed my cat?".  There was so much of that I started to charge....and people like what I do, soooo, I am busy.  The best part is that I get tons of pots made too.  Want something done?  Ask a busy person!

The wife went out of town.  Her mother is the most fun person you have ever met, and we should ALL age as healthfully and happily as she.  It is her birthday weekend, and she traveled to NYC to see the 3 daughters (she had grown up there, 2 of the daughters live there, the wife lives here, nearby).

SO, I am bachelor for a weekend.  Just me and all my client dogs.  And cats.  And pots.  And MY OWN dog and cat.  So I wrote this haiku (as many of my fb friends have seen.  You could be my fb friend too, as long as you don't post raving crazy bullshirt I am at )

"The wife is out of town partying with her sisters blues..sung in HAIKU form..."

My woman done gone,
Gol darn dawg hogging the down
Quilt and my pillow.

Big plans for today:  visit the bank, go to the library! Woohoo!

These are some new things I am making.  YES, I really like the little trinity of spirals.  The firing earlier this week was great, more fired on Friday (between dog walks!) and I can look at it later...

Finally, dreaming last night?  I read somewhere the other day about Jewish mysticism.  I know nothing about it except a brief paragraph (maybe I should look it up...) ( I did, click here)
ANYWAY, there is a belief that at night your soul leaves the body, returning in the morning.  Dang, me and my dreams sure GET THAT, as you hear me say.  My dreams are so vivid and real, I seem to visit other people's lives...
last night it was me in California (nope, havn't been there) in a volunteer fire truck, during an earthquake, on the way to a fire with other firemen, a nasty fire at a factory...

In your 40s like me?  Your high school looked like this didn't it? OMFG these guys went over the top and then some...



Caroline said...

So it just all goes to prove that you are creative whilst awake and also asleep!

Barbara Rogers said...

I'm in my forties plus a bunch...which is why I remember different events when listening to the same wonderful (?) music. Triple spiral design is a great idea.

bartster said...

Sipping coffee from my mug by Gary, reading the blog by Gary. Harmonious. I am glad for your writing as well the great pots you make!

celeste said...

As a matter of fact, my high school did look like that. ;-)

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I'm catching up on blog reading and just wanted to say that i LOVE those bowls!

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