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Saturday, April 27, 2013

"oh yeah, they say there is a baseball museum around here somewhere..."

Yep, BUSINESS TRIP with the wife Friday...


You have seen that I exhibit in Cooperstown, maybe the PRETTIEST town in New York on the PRETTIEST of the Finger Lakes? Maybe it is not REALLY a Finger Lake, but still.... it is about 100 miles, 2 hours 20 minutes of hills each way...

Anyway, I entered a competition this week at the Cooperstown Art Assoc.  You can see they have hundreds of entries OH WOW.  Entries for the show are selected Sunday with PRIZE WINNERS.  Then it is up all month.  I, ahem, might have misread the entry form?  Because, it is, without exaggerating, like 200 paintings ...and my little teaset.  The entry form asks category, like painting, pastel, drawing, and, UM, there is no category for, er, pottery there.  So, ah, well anyway...either I am the only entry in pottery and WIN A PRIZE or I am summarily KICKED OUT...rejected and DESPISED.....

I sell year 'round in their permanent gallery store, as you see, so I was filling the shelves there too....

The   galleries are in a building that combines their cute public library and the art space, isn't it beautiful, all stone with those columns?

The dog came along and was such an angel, which allowed the 2 of us to visit ALL of the art in the store and gallery  They are SO nice to me in Coop, and there is a lot of money there too. We also visited a couple of stores with baseball (ahem, collectibles and JUNK, we did not spend anything but its fun!) and one of our favorite used book stores, also on the Coop main drag--a used book store with all these stacks of books on the floor and quirky odd owners?
The guy at the counter tells us "oh yeah, they say there is a baseball museum around here somewhere".

 I got a fantastic book from many years ago by Walt Disney illustrated by Margaret Wise Brown---the 89 cents sticker is still on there (from the 1950s) but then the store priced it at 60....and then down to 6. Why do I mention it? The book is full of piggy illustrations to DIE for. So cute. We also, um, got a stack of A plus primo paperbacks. One was free. All of this for 11 dollars. .. We walked on the lakefront too..., with the mountains and old houses. Penny walked with us on the lake and then slept in the car while we wandered and book shopped, she is a CHAMP.


Barbara Rogers said...

Love your wife riding the pink dino...she's a card too, eh? Great that you submitted to that show as Solo Potter! Good luck!

bartster said...

Inspiration from all directions. Cooperstown looks like a beautiful place.

~ Sil in Corea said...

Looks like you and Maude and Penny had a really good time! I would have loved to see Cooperstown with you all. It sure is pretty!

My Five Sons said...

LOL please let us know if you win First Prize!!

JB said...

Well done to point out the obviously missing section in the program. No pottery? What were they thinking? First prize coming up!

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