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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

oh GOSH, not another yellow teapot??????

(new pottery by Gary Rith)
Why YES, this small one just out of the kiln, looks good with its 2 big brothers eh WOT?
Yesterday afternoon Penny and I had to pick up the wife from work, so we went to our favorite spot--Cornell University's arboretum. Oh GOSH its pretty, even now that most of the leaves have fallen. There is a "modern" sculpture garden that doesn't look so modern anymore, and these geese did not seem too concerned about her.....


gz said...

Nice bright teapots are just right this time of year!
That snow went quickly!!

smartcat said...

One can never have too many teapots, to own or to sell. How much do they hold?

How fortunate you are to have the arboretum and sculpture garden for walking. Love the last photo of Penny under the sculpture, and what is that mug/container you are working on?

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Beautiful spot! Beautiful yellow tea pot! :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

third, small teapot is one cup, the other 2 are a hefty 2-4 cups, depending :) I am in the header decorating a BEAGLE cup, of course!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I agree, the modern art looks not so modern anymore. :)
Penny is a great travel partner, huh?
Love the yellow; sunny, bright, sweet!

Unknown said...

Love the teapots yellow, I am laughing about Penny and the geese, no they are not concerned with her, those things will beat the crap out of anyone, or any animals that messes with them. I am not kidding, once my older sister had her azz chewed by them when she ran out of bread...hahahhaha! She said, "I was running in terror as these geese just kept pinching my butt"! hahahaha!I laughed picturing that one...she said, "I feed them the bread and "Get out of Dodge" in a hurry now....

Reverend Awesome said...

My brother got bit in the butt by a goose too! Those things are nuts!

Matt Sutkoski said...

Penny makes the park look even better. And nice teapots

Anonymous said...

Now that is a cool sculpture garden. Our arboretum is next to the freeway, which is really weird (and not quiet) but my BIL (who is a city planner) tells me the arboretum was there FIRST.
When the freeway was punched through, it divided quite a few neighborhoods and such.

Didn't see any geese yesterday on the river. I'll have to look again tomorrow.

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