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Saturday, November 12, 2011

"management material": ME???????

I was dreaming just a minute ago, that me and some buddies were all set up for summer internships making copies and coffee for someone, and we had rented a house in Maryland for the summer...the PARTY HOUSE was the idea (this actually happened at our college in Vermont, you know, between my junior and senior year--the stove went out because the lease holders hadn't paid the gas bill, but we were college students, and used a hot plate and endeavored to GRILL every night on the front porch...and we did :)
Anyway, so I happen to meet the house owner in my dream, and my summer of mirth is interrupted by him telling me "I can see you are management material, we have big things, big responsibilities planned for you" and I was like "Oh sh!t, there goes my summer of fun..." Like in OFFICE SPACE, remember that?

I was amused yesterday, me and the wife were finishing dinner....and crosswords after another, our wee addiction....

small turquoise teapotsmall turquoise teapot

You will dig this turquoise teapot, totally cute, hmm? I am trying out these textures and ideas together in a series of them...this particular one for sale now at my etsy gallery!


CiCi said...

Crosswords are a strain on the brain!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Office space is a hilarious movie! Love the little swirlys on the tea pot!

smartcat said...

Totally Cute! Teapot +teapot=COOL!
I am also liking the bees and that blue-geen glaze.

I think Spike is a soul mate of Aloysius. Yesterday he came walking out of the bedroom with his head out the sleeve of a tee shirt, dragging the rest behind him with complete sangfroid.

Anonymous said...

You wait until I move away from the east coast before you dream of a vacation house in Maryland?

PS: Only one, but the lightbulb must really want to change.

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