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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuesday's post TODAY

I am realizing that I have an immensely short attention span, and that I am already bored with my Monday morning blog post, and I knew this one was lined up for next, so I couldn't help but post it NOW (as Denis told me once "you are the least patient person I have ever met" and the wife reminds me of that...daily... :)
Anyway, I told you last week I had ordered a slick electric drip coffee pot that never came, so I decided to make us a huge one of our very own, to replace the last drip I had made for us and which I cracked. This doggy drip coffee works FANTASTICALLY and makes about 9 good sized cups. Suz had mentioned she did not know how a pot like this works, so maybe these pics show....
you just heat up water, put coffee into a filter in the funnel top and voila!

(Gary's new coffee pot, made by Gary)


Anonymous said...

I bet yours is MUCH nicer than any you could buy otherwise... and besides, who needs Mondays? ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh.....that is so cool!!!! Thanks for sharing Gary.
You? Not patient??? Say it isn't so!!!!!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Brilliant! Truly, I love it.

gz said...


Reverend Awesome said...

Very cool. Again making me wish I drank coffee. That is just fun.

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