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Monday, October 31, 2011

how do you do Halloween?

The wife looks out at the cold and the snow and tells me: "I don't think I am going to wear my tiny little leather mini skirt today", which, you know, is a shame. She has the legs for it, indeed! She will wear skull items instead. Penny beagle will wear her purple tutu. I am thinking I will wear my Boston Bruins uniform....
We live on a state highway. Over the last 6 Halloweens no kids have shown up, except for the one the wife told to come over. I have not bought candy in a few years (at the grocery store last Wednesday: Halloween displays GONE, Christmas junk UP, on October 26!). Basically, although there are houses all around us, it would be quite dangerous for kids to wander around our road in the dark or any time. And I applaud the village for holding a Halloween party for kids. I am a slightly paranoid guy, and if I had kids? I would NEVER want to let them trick or treat house to house. It is a quaint idea: one day a year, YES, kids, you can take candy from strangers! (like from all the potential psycho killers) I think it is a bad idea any time, and I like it when stores and malls have trick or treating, villages like ours have parties, and of course, schools.

So, for us, basically, Halloween is not gonna mean too much, how about for YOU?????

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kate et jim said...

No Trick or Treat here either. Haven't bought candy in probably 5 or 6 years. All the kids on our road have grown up and moved on. They do hold Halloween parties now at the firehouse and school, which, I agree with a much better idea.

~ Sil in Corea said...

I bought 2 boxes of chocolate-covered pretzel-sticks (because I really like them myself) and left the light on, but there aren't many kids on our street. Plus, Koreans don't do Halloween much. It's not part of their cultural traditions.

The nearest thing to it is in February. Taeborum, the first full moon after Lunar New Year, is when kids run around swinging cans full of hot coals on chains! There's lots of candy, funny costumes and dancing, too.

Michèle Hastings said...

i LOVE halloween but since we are on the road this week i didn't even get to carve a pumpkin. if i am home i usually have a bunch of jack-o-lanterns lit. yesterday my sister and i took her granddaughter to the mall, where her mom is a hair stylist, to trick or treat. it seemed very weird and little Arianna just wasn't into it so we only stayed a short time. i think i like old fashioned neighborhood trick or treating or a party.
Happy Halloween!

Lori Buff said...

The section of Atlanta that I live in has some really fun, creative people so we get to enjoy Halloween by watching the adults partying in fun costumes. We enjoy a really fun and interesting parade, then we turn off the lights and hide from the kids while eating lots of candy.

Hilary said...

My son and his girlfriend are going to dress up in their homemade barbarian costumes and hand out the candy while I drink wine or cider with my neighbours outside on the driveway. That last part is a neighbourhood tradition. My son's gf has never shelled out before in her life and is looking forward to it. How could I not hand her that honour.. especially while I hand myself a glass of Malbec.

red dirt girl said...

Well, I live in Bubbletown, which is ALL ABOUT families and kids. So it will be a door to door night for us. I'm just going to leave the candy by the front door with the lights on (all the door bell ringing drives my doggies INSANE)! My youngest has been wearing his zombie costume for days. I think he even slept in it last night...!


gz said...

I think I can best quote from another blogger's son, whose words she posted...
"May the change into darkness bring your light
may your memories keep you strong
and remember the coming winter is the beginning of the year
and not the end"

I'll remember my Man with love and happiness and wish his spirit well this first Samhain that we are parted. Then tomorrow, with the Celtic New Year, look to new beginnings and the future

smartcat said...

We live at the end of a verylong, unlit driveway ion what is still a fairly rural road, so we do not get kids coming to our house. However, we do buy some bags of candy because a.) any kid who does come deserves more than a can of tuna fish for a treat; b.) it's a guilt free time to eat candy.

I do put my little witch out to celebrate Halloween, Samhain, the Day of the Dead.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

No tricker treaters for us either. Kinda wish they would though.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I wish we had kiddo's coming to our door, but they don't. I loved it as a kid....we roamed all around without any supervision. Scary.
Love Penny with all her Snoopy's!!!!

Joyful Things said...

We get between 125 and 150 children at our house. They start around 5:30 and are finished at 7:30 when everyone from the community goes to the fire hall for a spectacular display of fireworks, hot chocolate, hot dogs and burgers courtesy of the fire dept. This lasts until 9:00 or so and then we go home. Our boys are too old for door to door but they sure did love it when they where younger.

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived in Hilary's neighborhood! I'd be happy to drink Malbec with her. :)
I'll hand out candy (and hope there are a few to sneak into my mouth...) but having kids come to the door will be a first in 5 years. When we lived in Virginia, we didn't have T-or-T'ers. Dark street, no sidewalk, houses far away. We went to my girlfriend's neighborhood with sidewalks and lots of houses participating.

orlando shuttles said...

Well i love to have chocolates toffees for every one for every kid in the street. well Halloween is to spread love all around the world then why feel shame to give some one sweets.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I don't think any kid has every really been hurt on Halloween-by candy, anyway!

Fall is gorgeous in your neck of the woods. As is spring if I recall.

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