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Friday, November 11, 2011

the birds and the bees, the bags and the kitties....

(new pottery by Gary Rith)
You will remember our good friend Summer, who is an artist on the side, but first and foremost a research biologist who studies and lectures on her area of expertise, which happens to be what you and I might call "bugs". Talking with Summer is to enjoy a thrilling conversation featuring snakes, wasps, pottery, bees, food, beads, glass....
ANYWAY, a week or 2 ago, Summer is talking about Christmas and her father. Her father, you would not be surprised to learn, keeps bees. He is also a chef around the house....and, well, could I make a gravy boat for him? With bees on it????
I thought and thought and thought about it, and came up with this rather awesome item with bees all over it. It turned out so well, I need to make some honey pots and even mugs and bowls with bees, and this blue-green color scheme....
Spike, as you see below and have seen before, gets wicked excited about grocery bags......


Unknown said...

Honey pots with bees: genius. I was going to suggest it, before I saw you already thought of it.

Sleep in heavenly peace, Spike.

Lori Buff said...


Busy Bee Suz said...

You can't know how much I love this. or maybe you can?
I love the Bee's!!! Let me know when you make some mugs, cause I want ONE!!!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

just this very second made my first ever bee mug :) you're on the list SUZ!

Unknown said...

Really beautiful pottery Gary. I love the depth of the glazes and the combination. Truly striking. The bees are really gorgeous, and wonderfully done.....Great Job! Love it!

Anonymous said...

You are correct of course! :)

TBL said...

Spike makes my life a happier place. And, please add me to the bee mug list! Gorgeous design.

Reverend Awesome said...

The bees are the bee's knees!
What is it with cats and grocery bags?!

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