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Monday, November 21, 2011

because of ME the breakfast room got locked.....

OK, so you know, I am at a new event this weekend in Syracuse, I don't know these people, but they are very nice and invited me to join them etcetcetc, and I arrived to find that I AM THEIR POSTER CHILD. Well, not really, but they had put my work on the postcard, this zebra teapot of mine there. Nice!
Anyhow, this thing is at this nice hotel, and Saturday people are going back and forth across the street to Dunkin Donuts.
I see the hotel cafe and breakfast room "free continental breakfast for guests only" and it is next to the exhibition space. I am no dummy, and I have my mug, so I am in there Saturday helping myself--the heck with Dunkin Donuts. Twice. Ignoring dirty looks from the staff. I figure "I am an invited guest alright, and this space is costing the group TWO THOUSAND BUCKS for the weekend...they can spare some continental hospitality with me..."
OK, after my third trip? I see them locking the door to the free cafe....and further dirty looks from the staff....which didn't seem all that friendly to me. What does 2 thousand bucks get you these days, hmmmmm?
Anyway, lucky me, I was treated well by this nice bunch of folks, all these potters gossiping, such fun!!!!! In the last few minutes, some lady showed up, and I swear I am not making this up, bought TEN of my cookie jars and teapots, holy cats!


~ Sil in Corea said...

TEN!!! Amazing! You're the Greatest!!!

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

2K and they can't spare a few cups of coffee? Hospitality in America is truly dead.
And you have to love those last minute customers who buy a $#!+ load of stuff. More than once those customers have saved a show for me.

Busy Bee Suz said...

10????? awesome.
Hey, I noticed your zebra pots first thing on that postcard!!!!!

Hilary said...

That's a fine purchase. You could even give Dunkin Donuts some business now. ;) Love the photo of Spike.

Anonymous said...

TEN!!! Wowza!

Free coffee? Yeah, that's what my dh would do, and probably me, too.

How could people NOT come to this event, with the zebra pot on the postcard? :)

Unknown said...

Now that is a real sale, works for me! Like I said, these types of people are a potters best friends. Yay...

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