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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

toad food and wabi sabi 2

My old pal Alex used to call tofu 'toad food' which is hilarious. Of course, toads eat bugs, not soy. Anyway, my cholesterol, even though I am a vegan and eat a boatload of soy and nothing animal at all, is crappy I find out today. I have bad cholesterol in my genes, dammit, and I swear I can bring it down naturally, but ANYWAY
like I was saying below, following one step after another? Making cars last week has given my ideas to build on, and I am like, working on this teapot just now, and seeing new possibities..oh so exciting. It is very big and will be hard to glaze, so I outta make more like it, but smaller....thanks for listening :)

(new work by Gary Rith)


Unknown said...

Toad Food, hahahaha! We do not eat Tofu, just can't hide the texture, or taste enough for us.
Love the letting loose, and freedom of your new works. They always have a Dr. Suess influence, which you are naturally good at. Whimsical, loads of movement, and always a darling critter balancing and holding it all together. Beautiful work, and totally original you! :) Love it!

Susan as Herself said...

While I do not care for tofu, I do enjoy edamame, and of course wasabi!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Toad food! LOL
Genetics can be a crap shoot.
My husband pours heavy cream in his coffee and has wonderful cholesterol levels, despite heart disease in the family. I skip the heavy cream and take a statin pill. Sheesh.

Reverend Awesome said...

This is like my Mom and Dad. My Dad eats like holy hell. Candy all day and garbage. My Mom eats like a reasonable person, high cholesterol. What the hell!?
When I go in for my physical they test mine and tell me numbers and I'm just like, "Okay, soooo what does that mean?" (Obviously learning nothing from my sister the nurse.) "It's fine. Bleep Bloop Blip Numbers ##### are in the normal range." None of that sticks. I just can't keep that knowledge in my head. My head rejects numbers!

I love these! So fun. Just like you!

Unknown said...

Sorry about your bad numbers, but I love what you're doing here with with your new ideas!!!

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Cool pots. I like the spout on the pitcher. The teapot has a rather Christa Assad-ish feel to it. Good stuff.

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