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Sunday, March 27, 2011

DO NOT LOOK if you cannot stand the sight of BLOOD....

You know this blog is (nearly) every little detail of my life, no matter how mundane or boring? WELL, the highlight of yesterday morning was lacerating my finger whilst scraping the crusty kiln shelves. I looked down and there was a satisfyingly nightmarish quantity of blood all over, so I grabbed the camera, as you might expect. NO, had not noticed it before that and NO it did not and does not hurt and NO it did not need stitches, according to me. Looks gruesome, eh?
Have an awesome Sunday!


k.a. barnes said...

Hmm. I think Georges is to blame in some way ...

Hilary said...

Such a shelfish sacrifice. ;)

Unknown said...


Cheryl said...

Oh the horror!!

cindy shake said...

OUCH -feel your pain :o) what's gonna' hurt more is when you get fruit juice on that cut or cleaning supplies on it!

Unknown said...

George did that once when cleaning the kiln shelf, I warned him. Maybe you could use the blood to summon a Dragon? Not sure how one goes about such things. lol lol :) Or perhaps a sacrifice to the kiln God will keep the studio open? :)

Reverend Awesome said...

I agree with Maureen. Summon a dragon!
With my finger biting habit I'm always bleeding, but I don't notice until it's too late. My fingers always hurt so pain is no indication. I will see when I've smeared blood all over job jackets at work or wiped it on my face or other fingers. Jeez. I'm disgusting!

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