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Monday, November 15, 2010

my tombstone

I think that if I had a tombstone, and I won't*, I would want it to say
"he could bake up a storm".
It would not say
"Gary was a master of shiny and clean floors" because I do an adequate job on them and it would not say
"Gary loved washing dishes" but it could say
"Gary cleaned the bathroom his whole adult life and the result wasn't as bad as it could be".
One thing I like to make is scones. Then, at breakfast time, if you set up the coffee the previous night, you just hit the coffee button, pull out plates and scones and eat. I mean, bagels are not rocket science, but there is slicing and toasting and schmearing, right?
I was out of dried cranberries and nuts Sunday, which make very good scones, but I baked anyway. With cinnamon sugar on top. I told the wife they were like giant snicker doodles...and they are :) The wife wanted to do yardwork Sunday, bless her because I hate yard work like I hate house work, and I told her I would bake her cookies. She is a skinny little thing and needs treats and rewards which I happily provide.

*Tombstones? I wouldn't want anybody wasting their money. Just cremate me and sprinkle my ashes around somewhere. There IS a family burial plot waiting for me, I am told, in Kansas City. The wife's family has some spots left, and we are the end of the family line (her family is bruied there, going back to the Civil War). I s'pose if she wanted to, she could dump my ashes in Kansas City....


Capital M said...

Wherever you want, babe. Just not yet.

kcinnova said...

"he could bake up a storm"
This is an excellent epitaph.
And yes, scones are da bomb, totally impressive, and really not very difficult to make at all.

PS: ♥LOVE♥ Georges' poster at the top!

barbaradonovan said...

One of my teachers received a portion of a potter friend's ashes in the mail with the suggestion they be added to a glaze. So he did.

Becky said...

OMG.. I would love some giant snicker doodle scones. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so funny.
IF you did have a tombstone, the family could not afford the inscribing of it with all the stuff you mentioned today.
Scones??? amazing.

Patricia Griffin said...

You could lead a workshop on how to write your own obituary. Inspiring... much like your snicker-doodle scones!

Aunt Snow said...

Wait, whoa, that looks like a magic trick there. Are they floating in air?

Knight said...

My stomach is growling up a storm now!
I always said just cremate me but I was told it is more expensive than burial and I want them to be as cheap as possible.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OK then, just toss my body into a dumpster or off a bridge. Its all good :)

George and Maureen Johnson said...

The scones are spectacular...! :) It is not what is written on onen's tombstone, or monument, it's the imprint you leave on those hearts that love you. When you are loved by many, and they all remember the kindness, compassion, and love you showed them (in a world that is at time cold, lonely) is the most important. You will live on forever in George's and My heart, and all our other facebook friends. That is the key to eternal life, those who live on in the hearts of others. No one can destroy those imprints, no one! :) Love is Eternal!

Reverend Awesome said...

Oh man. I need to start figuring out what I want my tombstone to say. Or do I delegate that to someone?
Does someone else need to decide or can I just say whatever?
People better not let me down with my tombstone! Make that shit memorable!

cookingwithgas said...

he could bake and he made people laugh... that is the best thing - you warm our souls with your food and kindness....and pottery!

TechnoBabe said...

Snickerdoodles sound great. The picture of you holding them is a nice picture. Your wife is so lucky to be so slim. Hubby does the baking here in our house. He makes whole wheat bread and brownies and cookies. I am going to ask him to make some pumpkin bread soon.

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