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Monday, November 8, 2010

starring Charlie Sheen: interview with a sock monkey, part two in an ongoing series

(Georges Le Soq and Charlie Sheen)
Thursday afternoon, a limo pulls up out front, my rotton sock monkey Georges grabs a six pack out of the fridge and runs out and disappears into the waiting limo. I see what looks like 3 super models in the back seat with him, and, can it be? Charlie Sheen???? 3am today I hear the back door open, and there is the sound of French accented singing Paul McCartney and Wings in the kitchen, punctuated with hiccups.

"Some people vant to fill the world *hic* with zilly *hic* love songs...what's wrong with that *hic* I'd like to know...." and he trips over the cat and falls asleep on the floor.

I get up later and ask the heap on the floor a few questions:

Q-busy weekend, eh Georges?
Q-here, lemme turn the LIGHTS on!
Q--was that who I thought it was, in the limo???
A- ees Charlie and some lady friends, was good weekend, except, how you say, Charlie ees framed by polices
A--well, maybe Charlie, he no hold his liquor well
Q--they didn't catch you??
A--no, I small, I sleeping behind dumpster, awake, see it all, ees embarassing for Charlie, for Me? More chicks. I no have to share anymore :)

And with that, he falls asleep again, still on the floor by the fridge...

(thanks Kasey for the photo :)


Becky said...

Georges! *gasp*

kcinnova said...

I'm getting worried about that monkey. Hanging out with Charlie is a bad scene.

Reverend Awesome said...

I would tell you to behave yourself, but somehow Mr. Sheen seems to be doing okay for himself. I mean, he's the highest paid actor on TV. Sure his show is total crap, but whatever. The public doesn't seem to mind.

Knight said...

I want to hang out with Georges. He obviously knows how to have a wild time. If he has been sharing ladies with Charlie you might want to get him tested.

Jay said...

Georges is an animal!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Gods honest truth, one of the Monks at the Monastery is Charlie Sheen"s cousin. When Brother (won't mention his name) goes to visit his cousin when he is on sabbatical it takes three weeks to dry him out, and get him on the right track.
Just the mention of Charlie Sheen would make the Abbott cringe with fear and disgust. The monk who is related to Charlie is actually one of our favorite monks. I am telling you this monk will make you laugh from morning to night, he even kinda looks like Charlie Sheen, we are not kidding! and Gary, I am telling you, you have never heard sarcasm like this monk can dish can't help but laugh!
We adore Brother :)

Susan as Herself said...

Georges might need to make a special trip to the Betty Ford clinic soon!

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