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Thursday, July 17, 2014

she tells me "never eat fruit"

(suddenly I am stamping EVERYTHING spiral...)

Right there, on the recommendations!
But first, she wants me to get rid of my cat and dog.  Or at least keep them OUT of the bedroom and NEVER on the furniture.
Dust, too, better quit the pottery!
I have been getting crap like THAT since I was tiny and the doctor said I was allergic to everything.
Fortunately, my doctor now is a VERY KINDLY woman with 2 dogs and 2 cats of her own, and those warnings were on the pre-printed allergy office bits of advice they gave me. I told her I would do what I always do, which is ignore that advice because I don't react as much as I used to, but this fruit sh!t???? Pfft.  That is a new one.

Trying to figure this out has taken almost 8 years of constant bad to terrible stomachache and the loss of almost 25 percent of my body weight which I did not need to lose.

You want a long and tedious post about what I CANNOT eat?  Probably like watching paint dry! (except I am funnier!)  Then there is the further list of what I DO NOT choose to eat. As my primary care physician said to me in April "my GOD WHAT DO you eat?".  Plenty. But the no's:

-I have celiac, so no wheat or gluten and I have the type that means no oats either
-no dairy because of lactose intolerance
-I try to have no sweets or sugar--almost all the cookies and cakes I bake are eaten by my ravenous wife who is the same size now she was at age 12--sugar gives me a crash
-I don't drink caffeine either--caffeine also gives me the crash
-no meat because I am veg--I added eggs back in because I was finding my list of food pretty flippin' LIMITED
-and the latest:  NO FRUIT.  Or at least, no pineapple, strawberries, plums, kiwis, cherries. Pears and apples aren't too bad for me, peaches ditto, blueberries and raspberries, melon and citrus all seem OK.  But just like the dog and cat and clay dust "avoid fruits" goes on the doctor's recommendation page.  That sh!t HURTS, I am a fruititarian! (Steve Jobs was too...and he ended up dead...gotta keep that in mind, although they are not related.)

The fruit thing is a weird one.  I went to the allergist to get answers "why the fukk is my mouth filled with sores when I eat pineappleplumkiwicherrystrawberries?"
It is an odd one, but turns out that it is a direct result of tree pollen allergies.  Allergic to elms and alders and maples?  Your body reads some fruits as having those pollens and reacts with a rash, swelling and hives in the mouth which can lead to ana-whatever shock or at least a closed airway so you choke to death.  Worst case scenario, luckily not likely in my case BECAUSE NO FRUIT.

The doctor is like "It is a good thing you don't react to nuts, that one is worse, but do you want an epi pen?"
I am like "why?"
"So you don't die when somebody gives you a salad with strawberries on it, you take them off, have a reaction to the residue and die."
And I am like "I am SCREWED! But I always prepare my own food, thanks, I'll be OK for now without the epi pen."

That is pretty close to the exact convo we had, actually....

You know from reading this blog that there is a ton I can and do eat, as long as I shop carefully for the right things and prepare them myself.  But I can't go out ot restaurants or other people's houses without my own picnic.  That is the long and winding road ahead, dealing with THAT ONE...but since I am anti-social, now I can GET OUT OF EVERYTHING :) and avoid people the rest of my life...just hiding in my little cave out here eating my....tofu and tempeh.... ;)

You probably think I am a freak, but I dare you to find to anyone as healthy as me, since most Americans live on cheeseburgers and lemon meringue pie.

Hey, who cares about that, buy some of my pots, new listings now at my etsy shoppe!
elephant mug with feetcup and saucer with a little dog


Shortstuff said...

Oh, I love your humor. No matter the situation you are always upbeat. I'll bet the wife loves that about you.

Barbara Rogers said...

Golly geeze, I am glad you decided to do eggs. I just got a similar list from my doc, which I think leaves it ok to eat sawdust (not sure though). On another topic, keep spiraling around!

Anonymous said...

Boy, Gary! I feel for you. Eating should be enjoyable.
But imagine being the mother of three and having one of those kids with similar issues? Her kitchen is full of hazards for this son and I'm not talking about knives. He has his own food, dishes, cooking utensils and a separate place to make his food. My D-il has to make him separate meals, and eating out? Forget it. He too carries his own food to people's houses. He is an outgoing teen and is dealing with it all since he feels much better.


Lori Buff said...

Gosh, I am so sorry, what a PITA.
With all these new and different food allergies that people are developing I wonder if it's the food or the way it's grown, like the pesticides and fertilizers.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

First of all, I love the way you focus on what you can eat, much the way you focus on the positive side of most everything. And you are funny! I have cut out certain foods because battling with their effects (immediate and long term) became more tiresome and unhealthy than focusing on all of the foods that serve me well and are DELICIOUS. I get it. Also, my little grandson has some issues with certain stone fruits. It is also a tree pollen situation. And he looks just fine, ya know. Finally, I Lovey McLovey when you post your recipes. Laura and I have been known to try many many many of them, but she never lets me post photos of her cooking anymore because she is a teen and that's how teens do things. :-)

smalltownme said...

You make the most awesome meals with what you can eat.

Joyful Things said... she has celiacs and has omitted all grains from her recipes and diet. Hopefully you can still do coconut flour and almond flour - her recipes are delicious and fail proof. Sorry about the no fruit - that's a kick in the pants :>(

Anonymous said...

Wha--why--that STINKS!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

No fruit? Ugh! Well, at least there are still some fruits you can eat. Please tell me they haven't banned you from bourbon too.

Also, I had no idea that you didn't eat all those cookies you bake. That takes some serious will power, my friend.

I always use you as my example of someone who is gluten free and still bakes. I'm sure you'll navigate this most recent change with style as well.

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