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Monday, July 7, 2014

the fabric of life: you weather the ups and downs

Let's say you get a nail in your tire...which turns into a crazy weeklong search for its DIScontinued replacement...and finally you are happy to have it put on BEfore a super busy week with the year's biggest fair.....and the kiln that had broken last month and you REpaired...breaks in some other mysterious way.  Potters will tell you:  that sh!t is DEpressing...I have so much work needing to go into the kiln and....nothing.  I take it apart today.  What are the chances, if it needs parts, I can have them by Wednesday?  SLIM to none... just the way it is, Murphy's law or something... but life has its ebb and flow, up and down, you adapt....

Adapt:  for example, we would go to a friend's house and have their tahini lemon salad dressing, so yummy!  But as food writer and essayist Mark Bittman says "salad dressing is the biggest ripoff, make your own!".  I was in the lucky position of a) the neighbors keep throwing fresh lettuce from their garden at us :) AND b) I had one spoonful of tahini left before I go to the store.  INSPIRATION!  I decided to make that tasty tahini salad dressing myself.... after enjoying it, I looked up recipes, and they seemed to be along the lines I had followed and I was like "AH HA! I am brilliant!" *****

Gary's 4-6 serving tahini lemon salad dressing

in a small bowl whisk:
-one spoonful tahini
-one spoonful olive oil
-one spoonful good vinegar
-one spoonful lemon juice
-one spoonful honey or maple syrup
-one spoonful water or soy sauce
with:  (salt if you wish) pepper, garlic and ginger powder, and other spices like dry basil, oregano and sesame seeds if you have them



Anonymous said...

oh boy do i hear you on the ache of having something go wrong with the kiln. i used to say it always happens at the worst time...but actually anytime the kiln breaks down is the worst time .... good luck with your repairs. and good luck at the fair!

gonna try that salad dressing for sure :)

Barbara Rogers said...

Nothing like tahini dressing...mmm, delicious. Hope your kiln gets running again ok.

Michèle Hastings said...

Oh man that's frustrating, I hope you can get your parts on time.

Busy Bee Suz said...

So sorry about the black cloud following you around; hopefully it'll get it's butt out of your business soon!!!
That dressing sounds/looks amazing. I'm going to try it as homemade dressings are always the best!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Life is at its best when Gary posts food photos and recipes!

I hope the kiln issues get resolved soon. :-( Life is at its bestest when Gary posts pottery photos.

cookingwithgas said...

It is ALWAYS something but most of the time nothing... balance.
I usually make my own dressing and this time of year the bonus is the fresh veggies....
They did a study, who is they, that said it is cheaper to buy than make-BUT- it is full of other stuff and not as tasty- so there, they - stuff it.

smalltownme said...

What a yummy dressing. That's a keeper recipe. I printed it out and stuck it on the inside of a cabinet door, like I do with all my favorites.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I grew up with my dad making homemade salad dressing every day. It's so good and simple to make. I've never tried a tahini dressing but will make yours as soon as I get back home to my kitchen!

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