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Thursday, July 10, 2014


You see silver jewelers at art fairs:  2 little cases holds all their stuff, 2000 dollars worth of product!  Then the potters show up:  14 heavy and fragile boxes that take forever to unload and load.... we are pack mules.
Before and after, actually.  As I keep telling you, I a)  have a broken kiln and b) a big fair Friday-Sunday SO I c) went and bought more clay.  It is the great balanced circle of pottery life, hundreds of pounds of clay come in, boxes of pots go out....

I plan to have tremendous fun this weekend.  My biggest event of the year, 3 days in downtown Binghamton, NY, fifth year I have been there, I know a lot of people so it is a party for all :)  Join us if you can!


smartcat said...

A stained glass artist I knew would arrive at fairs with one box of glass windows, one box of various sized sun catchers and one box of jewelry and other stuff. Her most important thing was an extremely stable set-up.
Envy from potters and wood workers was rampant!
Toes crossed that you have only empty boxes to bring home. If I were closer I would be there!

Barbara Rogers said...

May your setting up and taking down be easy breezy, and you'll have lots and lots of sales...I know you'll definitely have a good time!

Anonymous said...

It used to just drive me nuts when the jewelry folks you say, one sports bag and they have $20,000 worth of product, and meanwhile, me with my over 30 banana boxes (where would we potters be without banana boxes i ask you!).....doing the little market on wednesdays is such a treat, 4 banana boxes and some fabric for my table, love it!
good luck and have a blast!

bartster said...

Clay runs (and other supplies) is pretty fun for me. For you as well? The packing/unpacking for shows must be more of a chore. Hopefully, the fun and comraderie will more than offset the drudgery of schleppage.(aren't Yiddish words fun!)

Lori Buff said...

I couldn't even imagine trying to get my entire booth set up into a car. Good for you.
Have a great show.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Wow! I wish I could be there, but I know you will post lots of pictures and we will feel like we're there!

soubriquet said...

Good luck, sell lots!
I just saw some great potential selling booth furniture in a charity's store... But when I asked how much, the manager said "Oh, I'm going to keep all that for our own back-room" PAH!

Hope the kiln is up and running again, I have just had my first test bisc firing in my kiln!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy!
The muscles are getting used to clay again too.

Showing and selling are far enough away to ignore just yet.

smalltownme said...

I am wishing you have great sales!

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