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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

she came bearing sweaters....

Weird sh!t happens in bloggyland...and my dreams!

Many years ago I adopted Cheri as an imaginary cousin. She is SO nice.  Remember my jokes yesterday about customers?  (BTW, what does the "Idiot's Guide to Business" say about making fun of your customers? One should probably refrain.... ;)
Cheri is the IDEAL.  One year for Christmas she ordered, and I swear it is true, 3 dozen duck mugs...and she tells me she wants to do a blog post and profile of me with a giveaway at HER blog... I mean, honestly, could a customer or imaginary cousin be ANY NICER?

So, my dream last night goes like this, in brief:

Cheri flies in from Cali to visit us!
Cheri is staying with us (my wife is used to strange women bloggers being adopted as cousins and visiting our has happened many times before, I SWEAR I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, like CM and Mrs G, for example).
Cheri's hostess gift is...sweaters.  Cheri comes bearing a large bag filled with wooly sweaters.  She guessed, correctly, as a Southern Californian might, that we live in a very cold place and that we would love some new sweaters.  She is right about that!  It is like 50 now and I am bundled up....
I smacked Cheri's fingers.  You would guess that if I had strange women bloggers staying here things might get...kinky.  You would be wrong about that! The only one cuddling up to Cheri would be Spike the cat, and her allergies would send Cheri right down the street to that not-as-bad-inside-as-it-looks-on-the-outside hotel we live near. So, like I say, I slapped her fingers.  And I am not a violent person! I never slap anybody! But she would have LOST her fingers, in my dream:  she went to lift the kiln lid to see her special order in there.
"CHERI!" sez I "it is 2000 degrees in there, your fingers will be smoked sausages in seconds!"
You would slap your friend's fingers too if it meant they got to KEEP their fingers.
And finally, I made a prediction "Cheri, I am gonna tell you the God's honest truth:  your husband has awesome hair"
Cheri "Your hair is too!"
Gary "Mine has its moments, thanks, but your husband has reached grandfather age with a tremendous head of hair.  Speaking of which, and maybe this is true of everybody in Cali?  You have great hair. I bet your daughters have great hair too! IT THEREFORE FOLLOWS THAT YOUR little grandson:  is gonna have great hair".
There is a lesson in all this:  if you have awesome hair and bring us gifts of sweaters, I will dream about you.

In other news, it is peach time. We had 2 left in the fridge.  I woke up yesterday feeling deprived:
"I might be a gluten-free FREAK but I swear I am gonna have peach cobbler...". ***click for recipe
So I made this.  The wife is like "throw in some blueberries!"  which is some wise sh!t, what color, what contrast, what flavor! Besides, the recipe author says you can add other fruit, and I needed 2 and a half peaches to make a half recipe and was short.  The result?  KILLER. And so EASY!  I have made this young guy's recipes before.  He is a nifty teenage cook, and for example, his pumpkin bread is also easy and superb (I posted that last fall) but like many teens, he likes his sugar more that I do.  His pumpkin bread AND his cobbler can both be made with half the sugar.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Goodness me ... <-That's something a grandma would say!

Anywho, goodness me, that was funny! You have the best dreams. And awesome hair (and glasses of awesomeness, let's not forget that)! Thanks for saving my fingers from becoming sausages.

We are reliving our blogging youth and giving away pot again next week on my blog! Yay!

cm said...

Your family tree must be getting quite large. :-)

Barbara Rogers said...

Well, not sure about the Spike allergy bit, was that dreaming or for real? Anyway, you is the hero. Saved the dream damsel's fingers from the kiln! Yay Gary!

Busy Bee Suz said...


YOU have the funniest dreams.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I may exagerate, but I always tell the truth: YES, that was my dream :)

bartster said...

Your unconscious mind is as nimble and creative as your conscious mind!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Heh. My family visits Gary and we drive a clown car (oh wait, that was real life!) and Cheri brings sweaters. :)

Karen Jensen said...


Lori Buff said...

You all have awesome hair.

smalltownme said...

You just have the best dreams.

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