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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

little pieces...

Well, sure, yesterday I was whining and whinging:  BROKEN KILN, dozens of pots need firing, huge 3 day fair this weekend.  BUT, you know, if life gives you a problem, you have to work on solving it, and this kiln is meant to be quickly and easily repaired...once you have the parts.  Which are in Oregon.  And will be here... ?
No matter.  I have lots of good items to display this weekend, and I had been driving myself rather hard lately, exhausted.  I have decided that slowing it down for a couple of days is what the Gods recommend...

In other news, our neighbor's huge garden continues to overwhelm them, much to our advantage, and even my beagle loves the extra red leaf lettuce--you would be surprised, hold an apple bit or something and she is drooling like it is a pork chop--dogs are more omnivorous than people realize!
... have a great Tuesday!


Barbara Rogers said...

Well, you vegetarian folks aren't exactly going to hold up a lot of pork chops for Penny! Sad little gal...has to make due with bunny food. I don't see Spike making a fool of himself for lettuce...

smartcat said...

A few slow days are not a bad thing when a major show is looming. Besides I am willing to bet that you are still making stuff and putting it aside.
Winter thinks the biggest treat on earth is leftover salad...with balsamic dressing! The cats seem to enjoy it too! Go figure!

Anonymous said...

We had a beagle , Sadie, if we gave her leftovers that included even a tiny piece of lettuce she would clean her bowl till it shined with that one piece of lettuce left behind.
Wrap a hotdog piece in lettuce, and give it to her. She would move that hotdog around in her mouth swallow the hot dog and spit out the lettuce all in one piece.


bartster said...

You do an amazing amount AND put up a blog post every day! I wonder if Penny would have liked the stuffed portabello mushroom I had yesterday at a new cafe....

Michèle Hastings said...

We potters always stress that we won't have enough work for a show, but it usually ends up being fine. All the best to you this week.

Lori Buff said...

Ugg, I hope you get the kiln fixed quickly.

My dogs love veggies and fruit. I can get them to do tricks for carrots, go figure.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Tofu pup!

smalltownme said...

A little break is good!

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