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Friday, March 14, 2014

if you are lucky, you GROW old but do you have to get CRABBY too?

(I am NOT crabby or grumpy, how could I be, I gave the wife a sunflower!)

Here is my point: I am a very positive person, right?  Or I try to be?
 I tell the wife:

me:  "I am at the checkout and say "thank you!" and the seen-it-all young woman tells me "not a problem!" and I walk away thinking "ARGH!  I WANNA BLOW CHUNKS!"

she:  "a bit dramatic..."

me:  "I hate that "not-a-problem" sh!t.  Do people get old and then get grumpy????? Fuch!"

she:  "Totally understandable.  It's like she is saying "you might have been a problem, but I chose to ignore the fact that you were almost a problem...this time"

me:  "THAT's it...see, she INSULTED me, or nearly did, by not saying "you're welcome", so I can crab about it, shout out sh!t like "KIDS THESE DAYS!."

she:  "Where DID that not-a-problem thing come from..."

me:  "Right, so we can say that old guy thing "KIDS THESE DAYS!"  BTW, Lorde is only 17 and she kicks I can go back to being Mr Positive :)"

In other news, our blizzard wasn't TOO bad...just 5 inches and 5 degrees.  I have been babysitting my best pal Ray's cat Scoop, who is famously at the top of my list:  PETS I WANT TO KIDNAP I LOVE THEM SO.  Scoop is so named for her mittens...extra toes...and she is a killer mouser, wicked smart and playful, loving and fun.  She is like a golden retriever with bottle caps, throw them, she catches them, and BRINGS THEM TO YOU!

Penny is so dang cute is she not?

Everybody likes Lorde's Royals, which is pretty good, but this is the one for me...have an awesome day!


Mrs. Pottsblog said...

That cat has AMAZING paws. What a fun game.

Barbara Rogers said...

No problemo...;)
Hi Scoop!
Hi Penny
Hi Gary
Me grump cause of time change.

Lori Buff said...

I understand what you're writing about. It erks me too but I'm old also (even though I normally feel like a kid playing in the mud). But understand that the reason she's saying it is to have new and more creative or original answer than "you're welcome." It's a societally thing, it's why we have so many words that mean the same thing. We feel like we have to switch it up every now and then or it gets dull, boring, mundane...

bartster said...

The comment section didn't open for me at first..."No problem" means for me that I was imposing, but you're trying to politely brush that aside. I like the unoriginal but maybe more hospitable "you're welcome".

Trudy said...

Here in Michigan, we are 3 inches of snow away from the record snowfall of 93 inches set in we have all had it this year. It's 40 degrees and we are getting ready for shorts, pretty sure my blood has turned to syrup.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I get crabby just like that, too.
A cat who fetches! FABULOUS find!

JB said...

Where do you find a sun flower when there is so much snow about?

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

So here is one I think you'll enjoy. I was a Starbucks and placed my order, Me: "I would like a non-fat, no whip hot chocolate, please"
The coffee guy says, "Got it. Non-fat, no whip hot chocolate. And what else did you want?"
Me" "Nothing, that's it."
Coffee dude: "Well, then...what did you say after hot chocolate???" Very puzzled...
Me: "please???"
Hiim: "oh, we don't get that a lot. Thank you."

I just left shaking my head. Manners people, manners.

cm said...

Can we borrow that cat? He can teach the Lab to fetch, and catch that one last mouse that's still hanging around.

Busy Bee Suz said...

We just saw a commentary/show recently on the use of 'not a problem'. I've never really thought about it, but now that you've brought it up, I'm throwing up chunks too.

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