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Monday, March 24, 2014

"while you were gone" and speaking of GLACIERS....

There is a small river/large creek behind our house named Fall Creek.  It is 30-50 feet wide here, a few feet deep, and goes down through Ithaca to create a huge gorge and falls.  It has been covered with ice most of the winter, very unusual in recent years, but it has been terribly cold for us: perhaps our coldest winter on record (NOTE: today it is currently snowing and 12 degrees, I kid you not...)

ANYWAY, there is a wonderful park down the river a bit, and I run there everyday.  The ice broke free a few days ago with huge ice blocks and sheets being pushed all over, and the park was covered with slabs.  The picnic tables went UNDER the ice blocks and have been melting.  YES, ice on top of picnic tables, and I finally got the camera over there...blows you away, hmm?

In other news, the wife got this fine shot Friday of me on a mountain above the Hudson River....

and finally, the wife got home last night from NYC and her good times there....the cat had taken over her spot in bed, is that surprising??? Probably also NOT surprising that I don't know how to make a bed ;) Have an awesome Monday!


Lori Buff said...

Wow! The power of ice is just amazing. Great pictures.

Barbara Rogers said...

What awesome force that ice break up must be...all those slabs of greyish ice along the sides of the river, and they didn't get there by jumping or flying. Amazing!

Hilary said...

It was like that down by the creek where Frank used to live.. almost every year. One year was particularly bad. The ice was about a 18 inches thick.. creating HUGE steps you had to maneuver around. Many trees got taken with the force.. particularly young cedars. And they took forever to melt. It would seem our walking areas (at least where I used to walk) are quite similar.

bartster said...

That phrase force of nature has some truth embedded, eh? Nice to see some bare ground. It's 0 here today with windchills at about -15 (F). Summoning the gumption to keep going outside becomes difficult after a long winter!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Whoa! That's a big ice cube. What dreadful weather you have had this year. I vote we all go to Key West and drink mojitos.

Anonymous said...

Kind of looks like the ice shelves that pile up on Lake Winnebago here. The reason why NOBODY has a permanent dock on that lake;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yikes. Ice??? Happy spring….what???

JB said...

The ice looks like concrete and probably acts like concrete as it flows across the park. Amazing, I just can't imagine a frozen river. During our winter the warmest part of our daily walk is right near the waters edge...No frost on our Murray River but plenty in the paddocks just behind.

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