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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

in which I apply for the job FROM HELL.....

This is the stuff dreams are made of!
I have told you (you will remember yesterday's post about having a BABY with a loaded diaper) that I have very vivid and real and imaginative dreams.  A friend had a baby, suddenly I dream I HAVE one too.
I was telling the wife yesterday:
he:  "they are so nice at the bank branch, they let me walk the dog in then they give the dog a treat!"
she:  "...!"
he:  "but gosh, that job would be tough, they have to JUST SIT THERE all day...SIT!   There are jobs where people just sit all the time...and like, at this bank branch?  They look like they could use a little movement"
she:  "...!"
he:  "I would go flippin' NUTS if I was bank teller, sitting on my azz all the time..."

SO WHAT do I dream later that same night?

We moved to Florida for no reason I can discern, and each tried for work.  There were very few jobs (remember, I have been an independent full-time artist since 1997) but I got an an enthusiastic call back from a bank about a teller job, which I could actually walk to from our the dream I was like "at least I can walk to and from work, sheesh!  SITTING all day, gah! I'll go nuts".   So, I almost have it, but I am told the bank owner wants to meet me, because I have not worked a jobby-job in what, 17 years?  OK, so I walk over to meet the owner, who is this elderly republican good ole boy chamber of commerce type in a wheel chair, who says we are gonna play double solitaire and chat about the job, he likes to get to know potential employees....I woke up just as I wheeled him into an elevator to head up to his office... and find, as usual, I am still a potter and dog and cat sitter :)

Hey, great stuff outta the kiln Tuesday, have a LOOK!  Lions!  I drew a lion too!

(new pottery by Gary Rith) OH GOSH I love this song, speaking of lions....


Lori Buff said...

I cannot see you going to work in a suit and tie everyday but I do like the guy's interview tactics. Good thing it was just a dream.

Barbara Rogers said...

A lion, oh my! (that's Dorothy speaking) The tea pot is very nice, subtle colors but bright and cheerful...and very functional looking.

smartcat said...

That sounds more like a nightmare to me! IThe idea of going to a day job, in a suit sort of boggles the mind! Cool kiln stuff!

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is such a funny dream. I couldn't be a teller either...but hey, at my bank they STAND all day. That wouldn't be fun either. :)

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