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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

like trying to hit a target with an arrow wearing a blindfold

(new teaset by Gary Rith)
It is true:  in pottery, I know what I want but getting there, hitting the bullseye?  Not exactly hit or miss, more guiding yourself down a path with your eyes closed,  and if you get where you want to be, you are pleasantly surprised!
Of course, all too often you fall off the path into a creek, right?  That is NOT where you want to be...
Anyway, you have seen me working on patterns of loops under glaze in 2014, and the other thing I am working on is a series of celadon pieces..just light greens.  Where do I go with this, what makes best use of a simple glaze, simple form, what is balanced, what is cohesive design?
This stuff stuff hit the mark :)
Have an awesome Tuesday!


Barbara Rogers said...

These are definitely on the mark. I intend to enjoy Tues, and you all do too!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I agree....just perfect. Love the color and the simple design.

Emily SIL said...

Love the pic of Spike at the top. He could be a pinup kitty.

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