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Thursday, March 13, 2014

we can't all live in San Diego... I guess.....

(doodle by Gary Rith)

Yesterday a friend from San Diego is like "Oh, wouldn't it be awesome to buy your parents' farm and live in bliss as your neighbor???" and it is like "well, I AM an amusing companion, it is true, but it is gonna be 5 degrees tonight with, like, 8-14 inches snow..." and you get the usual "well, it is gonna rain in So Cal, and was that an earthquake???". The grass is always greener, right?  Except when you have not seen grass since November and San Diego is 80 degrees and sunny everyday!

Today's storm is unusual, but not for reasons you think:  I have seen many snowy Easters, and at least two snowy Mother's Days (May 10!), so snow in March is to be expected.  And our particular hamlet is actually 8 degrees right now with only 5 inches snow so far, maybe.  But unusually windy out there!  The wind is very strong and something is banging at my neighbors' house, keeping me awake, and I start thinking of what I want for my birthday and decide maybe the small is better than the medium...
have an awesome day :)

(below--Wednesday:  it begins...)


Barbara Rogers said...

Got the same wind last night...and fell asleep finally imagining what our forefathers and mothers who lived in cave-man era must have done on snowy windy nights to get to sleep. I turned on elec. blanket.

bartster said...

Your facial expression says it all! Winter simply wears some of us down. Around here people cite all manner of meteorological havoc and say "At least we don't have..." It was fun to click on the colored letters to see what you want for your birthday...looks like fun!

JB said...

It is regularly closer to 100 degrees here so I am looking for a jumper at 80! I would be no good in a colder climate, do you boil the kettle for wheel water?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I do love that photo of you…..hmmmmm…what are you thinking? Burrito? Mojito?

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