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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

speaking of LITTLE CUTIES

(orange sized wee teapot by Gary Rith, fresh outta the kiln Monday)
Do you get them at the grocery store?  I can't remember the last time I bought a normal orange:  we always get the wee clementines and mandarins, the little cuties!  So sweet and the peel almost falls right off.
THE CONCEPT of little cutie is true everywhere, don't you think?  I love beanie babies still (see my chest of drawers below) and half of their appeal was that they were SMALL little cuties.  Like a small orange is cuter than a big one, right?  DITTO SMALL teapots:  somehow they are cuter than full size, hmm?
(note:  my chest of drawers here:  I got it a few years ago from an antiques dealer.  It is SO over the top in every way, I just love it...but you would be appalled to hear that it is, um, one of 2 dressers I have, the other being devoted SOLELY to my tee shirt collection, this one solely for jeans, and, well, more tee shirts)


Barbara Rogers said...

Whether a child, or a child-at-heart, someone is going to have a beautiful tea pot soon!

bartster said...

We love the clementines and little cuties here too. The teapot is wonderful...we novices regard making anything resembling a tea pot a significant rite of passage. You...make awesome teapots in many sizes including a very challenging small size. Great stuff!

Michèle Hastings said...

Ditto on the cuties, they are delicious. And that is a very cool dresser.

smalltownme said...

The teapots are sweet. I love dollhouse size things...tiny food, tiny furniture.

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