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Saturday, March 1, 2014

BIRTHDAYS and the GLUTEN-free and dairy-free cake that went to ELEVEN

(if the treasure hunt is EVER solved, this present is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow:  I made the tile for this jewelry box (click here)! (I should make more of these) Outta the kiln it came Friday, and was glued in place whilst still warm....guess what?  the jewelry box is full of presents too, shhhh!)

March 1 is a big deal in this house, even if it happens to be snowy and zero today.  But still, days are brighter and maybe one day this month we will have some...WARMTH!  That whole in like a lion out like a lamb thing....

It is also meaningful and celebratory because there is a birthday in the house.... of course, the dastardly treasure hunt may prevent anyone EVER finding their birthday presents!

I baked Nicole Hunn's gluten-free chocolate cake (click here), SHOCKINGLY good.  I did not have sour cream, not even a soy substitute on hand, so used apple sauce instead and instead of water used soy milk, and used my mom's choco frosting recipe (a little margerine and cocoa in a pan heated, add a little vanilla and water and powdered sugar until it looks, acts and tastes like frosting) ....but WHOA!  I was gonna make a small layer cake with 2 small rounds on top of each other but the result was 2 rounds that baked huge! Apple sauce did that?  I still just dumped frosting all over it....too lazy to smear it on neatly, I thought it looked more ARTISANAL to dump it on wee cake with pecans, the other with choco chunks...


bartster said...

A feast for the eyes! We have the same kitchen cabinets as you (the handles for sure).

Love the masthead picture...where is that beautiful spot?

Elizabeth Grimes said...

I salute your ambitious baking!!! :) And love the tile. You definitely should make more. Hope you've been well!

denis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAUDE!!! Lucky you, Gary made you not one but 2 cakes!

Barbara Rogers said...

Great to know you love chocolate, perhaps as much as I do, but I'm drooling over your beautiful cakes. Happy Birthday, Maude. I feel I know you just a little bit, perhaps not as much as Spike and Penny though.

Mrs. Potsblog said...

Dear Everyone,
Thanks for the birthday wishes, the cakes are delicious! And the pottery we enjoyed cake on is lovely, too--although not as edible. More of a feast for the eyes-type thang.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Wow! Two cakes work for me! These look fabulous. Happy Birthday!!! Were the presents ever found?

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