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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

where'd the baby come from????

(new teapot by Gary Rith)
I was dreaming just now:  we had a baby! SURPRISE!  We have friends with elementary school....but here we were, with a baby. At a mall.  The baby filled the diaper with... GOO.  I had to go to a NOT NICE RESTROOM...without one of those giant baby equipment bags people probably always have...SO, there I was, with paper towels and a NOT NICE sink and no counter trying to scrub down this baby.... I will say, much to my surprise:  the baby was mellow about it, and so was I.

I don't need a baby.  Or any puppies or kittens either...

SPEAKING of which I babysat my neighbor's dog Yogi yesterday and woohoo, lookit him!  He came over to play with Penny too....


Barbara Rogers said...

Hi case you get some strange comment about spring snow, I've linked from my Black Mountain page to you...about your snow. Hope you had fun with those animals yesterday...good for you having such a dream!

smartcat said...

You always get the greatest 4legger shots. Glad to see Yogi was partaking of the spirit of the day!
You are making some amazing teapots!

Hilary said...

Dream interpretation: You've got a lot of... ummm "GOO" to deal with at the moment but you're coping. ;)

Love the critter photos.. cutest St. Patrick's doggie I've ever seen.

Lori Buff said...

At least you get to play with other people's puppies and kittens.

JB said...

Yogi looks pretty good in that hat!

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