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Saturday, January 11, 2014

the lion the witch and the wardrobe...and the BEAGLE

Or through the looking glass?
The wife has always wanted a wardrobe.
Our county DUMP has a wonderful job training and recycling center store called Finger Lakes Reuse.
Yes, the county DUMP.  It is nowhere near the dump, and I guess it is simply the county.

ANYWAY, this laptop I have been using the last 3+ years?  It is a mac from them, used and refurbished, going strong.
My kiln????? DITTO!
Can you believe I got my dream kiln and laptop both used, from the county dump?
With a huge university population here people are always coming and going, and donate items to the Reuse center, which is a really fun store.
The wife saw this wardrobe, in good condition, about 100 years old.
Old enough to be TOUGH as nails but not so old it is an expensive antique.
I surprised her Friday by buying it and having it delivered (to the, um, center of the living room, for now). It counts as an early Valentine'sbirthdayeastermother'sday gift...
The dog and cat spent the day playing with it...


Barbara Rogers said...

It's gorgeous, and huge, and hugely interesting. Did you close yourself inside and tap the back of it yet?

bartster said...

Amazing condition! I'm not sure what strikes me more; the ingenuity and go get'em-ness of looking for items to reclaim or the practice some have of throwing things away that still have value. You got your kiln and a laptop from the reuse place? That's just so cool.

Michèle Hastings said...

The wardrobe is beautiful, I am not sure that I could have passed it up either.

Anonymous said...

The old stuff is the best quality. That's some awesome salvage. We have a Habitat Restore in our town and I find lots of cool things there, too

Unknown said...

I just started following your blog and love the eclectic mix. The wardrobe is fabulous, in the middle of the room or where ever you decide to put it.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Gorgeous!!! That would cost you a fortune down here! Good find!

trash said...

Our local tip is really a recycle centre. All the rubbish goes into dedicated mahoosive skips garden waste/wood/metal/etc,etc. And all the good reusable stuff lives in a dedicated corner for people to pore over. We furnished our first place together from the tip and last year I bought two fabulous Parker Knoll chairs in excellent nick for just £3.50 each!

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