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Thursday, January 2, 2014

new year part TWO with the black eyed peas and drunken noodles

drunken noodles and curried black eyed peas for the New Year :)

I was talking yesterday about a couple of amusing new year good luck type habits, but what to eat?
The wife is southern, if you consider Missouri southern, which it is, also western and mid-western, and on New Year you want the black eyed peas.  Tradition probably involves hamhocks and collard greens, neither of which are going anywhere near MY lips.
I was in the mood to pay attention to the tradition, but in a whole different direction, and spent the day simmering an Indian black eyed pea curry dish, mighty simple, and HOLY CATS wicked tasty (click here!) involving merely tomato, black eyed peas, onion and a boatload of spice and for greens watercress on the side....

BUT instead of ordinary rice, I remembered the wife talking of drunken noodles last week.  The story is, roughly:  in Thailand (or was it Korea?) a man was out drinking, came home with his ten drunk buddies and demanded his wife awaken and prepare them a midnight supper of noodles.  She was SO ANGRY she made the noodles...with ten times the amount of chilis!
The men ate them and they were a HUGE hit and they all sobered up feeling GREAT.
So, that is drunken noodles :)  which is probably better than having a DRUNKEN NOODLE (as in head)

(click here!)


Barbara Rogers said...

You can enjoy every spicey dish in the world and my share too! I've become more bland and selective in my tastes in the last few years. Herbs yes. Peppers no. Oh, and I don't have many pics of Tai's works at IU, sorry. I'd love to see more too!

Kimberly said...

Hi Gary.. we also made hoppin John with black eyed peas and collards. I never had collards before and decided to try it since its loaded with good stuff for yer body. I cut it fine and added it to a pot of the black eyed peas and the pot likker. I added sauteed onions, garlic carrots, peppers and some kale. I then added cumin, salt and pepper, hot pepper, cider vinegar and some honey. And served it over steamed rice. It was all VERY GOOD!!!!

Michèle Hastings said...

We had the black eyed peas too. I am not a huge fan. Jeff made more of a spicy soup with them and added arugula to it, skipping the collard greens. I liked it much better that way!

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