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Friday, January 10, 2014

"she wasn't flirting with you"

I was walking Nook, the fuzzy white dog of a friend of mine in Ithaca yesterday (you KNOW Nook) and had 2 fun incidents before meeting up with the wife at her office, so she could walk with us.

The first amusing moment inspired a haiku:

Used pregnancy
Stick, sidewalk near bar, two lines.
How did he take it?

I have been imagining inside the bar the previous evening "hey, let's go out for a smoke, I have something to tell you"
"I did the pregnancy test, I'm late!"
"here it is!" shows the pee stick test
"what are we gonna do? Cause I don't wanna be married to YOU all my life"
"plus you're ugly and stupid"
"man, don't you have ANYTHING TO SAY?"
"fuk you, Jack!" (throws pregnancy stick at ugly and stupid father of her unborn child)
dude mutters "I did, didn't I...."

A short time later another dog is coming along at the end of a leash, another well-bundled dog walker.
Nook wants to do nosies with it, they are friendly.  I am scratching the dog's nose and say to the stranger
"nice to have some sunshine!"
she "You said it, I was in bed all week!"
"Rats! January sux!"
she "you said it!"
"so long!"

And I wander off to get the wife from her office.  I tell her of both moments.

Me:  guess what?
Wife:  Hmm?
Me:  A woman FLIRTED with me!
Wife:  Oh?
Me: Yeah (repeat dialogue above)
Wife:  she wasn't flirting with you
Me:  ah, but the tone in which she said "I SPENT A WEEK IN BED" huh?  She totally wanted me!
Wife:  yeah, I don't think so.
Me:  It was the WAY she said it...
Wife:  Sure it was...don't step in that pile....

Oh well.  Truly, considering my parka, red runny nose and the rest, who the heck would want to flirt with me?  My wife, bless her...

Hey, I told you yesterday that I had a terrible overfiring in the kiln.  Thankfully, only one piece was ruined, the rest came out either the same as usual OR ....................................BETTER.  I will never overfire pieces on purpose, but I was pleasantly surprised...this teapot is like, wow.  I won't tell you what it is s'posed to look like....

Plus I made a hippo teapot yesterday!  Have a great Friday!

(teapots by Gary Rith)


Lori Buff said...

The breaking and movement in the glaze look really great. Maybe you should experiment with some higher temps.

smartcat said...

It looks like you have found another option for firing. I'm finding that teapot elegant and mysterious.
Love the pregnancy stick you could spin tales for a living....hey, isn't that what you do with your pots? Are you sure the woman wasn't flirting with Nook?
Happy Dancing Hippo Day!

Barbara Rogers said...

You seriously are incarnation of Hunter perhaps...but you do make cute hippos...and that runny glaze trick is definitely beautiful. Life is just like that, eh?

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but she was totally flirting with Nook. And M. cracks me up... "Sure it was... don't step in that pile..." HA!!

The elephant teapot came out EXACTLY the way it was supposed to look. Truly awesome. Makes me wish I needed a teapot. Maybe I do!?!?

Michèle Hastings said...

cute dogs like nook attract all the women!
and the teapot looks great.

Mrs. G. said...

I think she was TOTALLY flirting with you! It's just there's no competition when you put Tasty Cakes in the race!

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