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Thursday, January 30, 2014

" hopefully you don't go blind..."

LAST thing the eye doctor tells me today is "We'll get you under treatment so hopefully you don't go blind" which sounds dramatic, doesn't it?  Yet, it SUCKS! To explain:

I was all excited to see the eye doctor today.  When I was in my 20s my eye doctor told me "you have textbook perfect vision!" and I felt pretty proud of that, and didn't see an eye doctor for about 20 years.
The husband of a pottery student of mine is a fantastic eye doctor...and he surprised me about 4 years ago by telling me I needed glasses, not just for reading.  Simple enough,. as he explained, everybody's eyes change in their 40s, right?  And it explained why my teapot lids didn't fit very well (close up vision) and why I couldn't read deli menus (far off vision), so I got a handsome pair of progressive bifocals--first time I have ever worn glasses.

WELL, that was then.  Last summer I see in the window of the glasses store the SPIFFY pair of specs seen below, and the wife snaps the pic and I figure that when the new year comes along and we have a new medical plan I will go to the eye, well, I couldn't see that well.  I didn't see BADLY, but the glasses did not seem to be doing their job, you know?

So today my eyes are full of drops and I am thinking lustful thoughts about maybe needing those new glasses and I am strapped into the thingy where the eye doctor does whatever and he says "interesting".  Which isn't fair, because what is interesting to him may be like stepping on a banana peel and falling in front of a fast moving bus feels like to ME.

INTERESTING turns out to be early stages of glaucoma, found early.  And I am YOUNG! And healthy!  Well, sh!t, things happen... and I am lucky to have a great doctor, care, medicine, and health insurance (again:  what is it with the repubs, they don't think that we all have health and need insurance to help?)

BUT here is the fukker:  I am an artist, right?  I live with my hands and eyes, and pretty much EVERY human prefers anything other than to lose their sight.

Some people go on vacation...I am getting new glasses.  I was thinking about canceling my tiny little trip Saturday over guilt at the costs of this (even with insurance!) but then realized "hell, I could be blind or abducted by aliens next week....GO ON THE TRIP now, and appreciate it, and APPRECIATE EVERYTHING and everybody in life".  Yes. (I will NOT be blind next week.  Treatment is very helpful with glaucoma, but you get my point.)

Here are the specs I ordered today when I first tried them on last summer, tortoiseshell wayfarers, mm mm good!


smartcat said...

The glasses are definitely you! Glaucoma is the pits, no doubt about it. BUT your doc appears to have caught it early so here's hoping that the drops will keep it in those early stages!

Have loads of fun on your trip.....lots of photos perhaps?

Barbara Rogers said...

Last Fri my eye doc told me that I might have glaucoma, so she's sending me to get more tests. Geese, it's the pits for sure...and yes, I decided to spend what I needed to for my eyes. I love being able to see. Enjoy that trip!!

Michèle Hastings said...

Bummer about the diagnosis, and yes, spring for the glasses you deserve them!
On another note, my dad was diagnosed with early glaucoma many, many, years ago. Between the drops and then a simple laser treatment, his sight is still good.. and he is going to be 87 next month!

bartster said...

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Hoping the early detection wins the day. Congrats on going ahead with the trip to NYC.

cookingwithgas said...

Yep, there are drops for that.
Have a great trip and don't step on a banana peel.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I went through the same thing in July. They decided my pressure was still not high enough to treat.I have to have them repeated next year.
I HATE anything near my eyes, so I had 3 panic attacks while they were testing me.
At least it's an easy treatment.

Anonymous said...

I had an artist friend diagnosed with cataracts at 17! Holy cow! It became progressively worse until at age 28 she had a double retina/lens transplant, bovine in fact. What was interesting is how the cataracts literally were the lens through which she created her art, and now her art has changed. Also, many people who only knew her as an acquaintance thought her standoffish as she never waved back, called out to anyone, or said hi in public. Ha! Anyhow, happy ending. But I gave her a cowbell on a string for her next birthday. Her eyes have this amazing green shimmer from the side from the Cow retinas. Hope for all cases and scenarios, they can do amazing things now. Best of luck Gary! ~Molly from Derfland

Elaine said...

My mom has had glaucoma for decades; she's 82 now. I'm glad you're able to have health care; don't let me get started on the idiots opposition to everyone having it!
Take care, take the drops, and do what the doc tells you.

Anonymous said...

VERY spiffy.
I hope you get that glaucoma cleared up nice and easy.
Travel safe.

Emily SIL said...

I'm glad your doctor caught it early, and I'm glad you're coming to town for the exhibits!

JB said...

I freaked when my cataract was so bad I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face...but the treatment, a new lens (plastic I think) was painless an worked a treat. Now just reading glasses. I do gaze about and try and drink in the image...burn it to my memory. I appreciate my sight like never before and never want to lose it. Sounds like you are on to the cure in good time and all will be well.

smalltownme said...

I love the glasses! I know that with early detection and treatment you will be fin.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm SO happy your Dr. caught the glaucoma early. Your glasses are super duper spiffy. I have sunglasses in that style and Lolo has a few pair of reading glasses in that same style; you have great taste!!!

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