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Thursday, January 9, 2014

the wife puts up with my GORILLA home decorating tactics....and the WAY forward in 2014?

First off, sure, it is early, but potters will know:  I had a jammed kiln sitter, apparently, last night and my kiln overfired 30-50 degrees at least, egad!  I had a quick glance inside:  could be a lot worse, but will I be scraping glaze and TEAPOTS off my shelves later?  If you are a professional potter, you obviously have to be consistent and make it, fire it, sell it to stay in business but there is no getting over this simple fact:  pottery is a fragile medium and your beautiful piece can be ruined or broken at every step.

ANYWAY, that is for later.

I feel like Icarus:  he flew so close to the sun his wings melted...but in my case, it is a temporary thing.
Because I feel like I am onto some GOOD IDEAS for 2014....

I have various notes floating around the studio on envelope backs and such.  See the doodles in the middle of the page below?  THAT is what I am up to.  Fat, round pots with these blue squiggles under the glaze.  I am so excited by this decorating scheme that I am trying to convince the wife we should use the test tiles on our kitchen wall.....

I told you last week this last pitcher fired in 2013 was IT, the idea (well, one of them) leading me into 2014..

Like I was saying about the kitchen wall....would look good, hmm?
(the cat, dangit, jumps up on the counter and chews the pineapple, as you see....)
Have a great Thursday!

 This color scheme makes me HAPPY :)


Michèle Hastings said...

I was wondering if you made those tiles for your own kitchen backsplash... GO FOR IT!

Barbara Rogers said...

Cats need to chew on greenery apparently, be glad it's not your pots. Sorry to hear about your kiln overfiring, hope most is salvageable.

mizbonnie said...

Been a long time since I visited, so much to catch up on. Love that pitcher!

Anonymous said...

A pineapple-gnawing feline? That's funny stuff!
There is a lot of precision in your craft--I'm impressed by all the details you have to keep track of.

Mme Potsblog said...

You say, "gorilla," I say, "guerrilla" and then I go check the spelling.

Busy Bee Suz said...

LOVE the tall thin pitcher; so cute.
The color scheme here is just lovely….happy 2014!!!

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