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Monday, January 27, 2014

like "4 Weddings and a Funeral", except with 2 bowls and a pitcher..

Yesterday I see the wife writing with a fancy yellow pen and I resolve to steal it when she isn't looking.
Later that same day, my sneaky fingers go for it but ZOINKS!  I am caught!  Sweet thing that she is, she graciously tells me I can keep it.  I offer her the awesome one in my pocket in exchange (I stole that one from her in September) and she says I can keep them both.  The girl is a KEEPER!

Anyway, the point?  I really love a lot of colors but a nice lemony/ buttery yellow is a HUGE favorite.
Like my yellow glaze!  Not like Minnesota Vikings yellow and purple which could make me hurl and Green Bay Packers yellow with green which is obnoxious.  More like Sweden's softer yellow with blue, mmmmm.

2 points.  I have been, as I keep saying like the most boring person on EARTH, working these loops and whirls of blue onto my pots, and have been trying to do so for over 25 years.  AH HA! It is working!  I have figured out how to keep it from falling off the pots! Second, I was thinking yesterday I have all this dark blue under light colored glaze, and my dark blue glaze (and other darks) are lonely.  And I was AH HA! Try to figure out how to get a light color for loops and whorls under there..... something to try this week....have a great Monday!

(pottery by Gary Rith)


Anonymous said...

Love this yellow! Exact shade of my living room. It makes my little house feel cheery even in the middle of a Midwest winter. ALBUG

Anonymous said...

Wha??? Packer colors make you want to hurl?
I do like that buttery, soft yellow.

Barbara Rogers said...

Tell your wife she's nice, but I want you WANT you now. Yellow. Buttery yellow. You're calling to me. Gary has become the love of my life because he has great yellow glazes. No shame.

bartster said...

I think Sweden's flag is one of my favorites. Canada's flag is also way fun...a maple leaf. The glaze colors DO remind me of Sweden's flag. Love the story about pen stealing.

Michèle Hastings said...

Otto Heino's yellow glaze made him a rich man!

smalltownme said...

The paint color on my mother's house is Melted Butter. The white trim is Popped Corn. True Story.

Patience_Crabstick said...

You've arrived at the perfect shade of yellow!

Lori Buff said...

That is a pretty yellow. You've made the perfect, cheery breakfast set.

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