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Sunday, January 26, 2014

if SPIKE cat had anything to do with it....

(cat cups and saucers by Gary Rith)
Well, sure, OF COURSE he did!
I was thinking last week, as I told you, that it would be fun to revisit an idea I hadn't gotten around to lately, cat mugs, but with cat saucers!  I also changed how I do the base, making it a more rounded, cat bottom type shape.
The idea had been suggested to me by a customer "could you make a cat shaped mug?" and I considered how and made a few tries, settling on this simple silhouetted cat ear rim.  Then another customer wondered if the handle could be the tail, DUH! Yes! Brilliant!  So you see here version 4.0 or something.
Susan runs the office at the senior center Penny and I visit every week if there is no blizzard. (there have been blizzards lately)  Susan is a HUGE beagle lover and SPOILS Penny.  It is our last stop every week, and Penny has the belly bump to prove it.
BUT, last summer Susan's house had 2-3 feral cats hanging around.  One of them came to LOVE Susan, and she is surprised to find even her husband is suddenly a cat lover.  She asked for these cups and now they are out of the glaze firing...looking quite festive in their baby blue with spots color scheme, hmm?  Then of course other people wrote to ask for cat mugs too and its like "YESYES sure...."


Barbara Rogers said...

Well remember the saying, Cats rule, dogs drool. Great saucers and mugs.

Michèle Hastings said...

She is going to be one happy cat lover when she receives her cups and saucers!

Hilary said...

They are indeed very cute and the cat tail/handle idea very clever. It must be nice to get that kind of feedback from fans and especially nice for them to know you credit and incorporate their ideas so beautifully.

smartcat said...

Love the mugs and saucers....very cattish!
You know full well that cats choose us; we have few options in the matter.

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