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Friday, December 27, 2013


(That is what happens when you clean your desk, you find a picture of yourself when you were 2...and cute! Not looking like an aging almost 50 year old psycho killer with hobo overtones....)

You will notice in these pics that, as cold as it is, I can wear my new (to me!) vintage lumberjack shirt with my new Godzilla tee.  The wife would be appalled although she is too polite to say anything:  that makes for a bright and festive combo, does it not?  Bright green tee with a red shirt?

As for that PSYCHO KILLER look, I must admit, I did not look at myself all Thursday.  I babysat chickens, I babysat cats, I cared for my own cat and dog and baked up beans * and bread (2 loaves!) but mostly...

I cleaned the hell out of the house.  I find the end of Christmas unbearably sad.  I take all the decorations down, and start noticing all the piles of junk heaped up everywhere.  I notice the fridge door: filthy! (what I don't notice, apparently, is myself:  you get that psychokiller look by rolling out of bed when the wife is on the road and not really, you know, grooming yourself or anything...)

So, it started this year with my drawing desk after the Christmas decorations.  Then windex on the fridge door.  I find cleaning VERY boring, but it has momentum, right?  The momentum starts with the Christmas stuff...why does it repulse me so much on the 26th?  because I spend so many months at Christmas fairs, I am beyond saturation?  Probably that, plus the "LOVED ME AND LEFT ME" idea. Christmas and I had a torrid 3 month I am spent and bereft and Christmas has left me...

* About those beans:  I remember as a kid the 2 kinds of canned beans.  One had this CHUNK of what, blubber in it?  Like a schoolroom eraser for your pencil, but softer and uglier?  The other kind was lip-smackingly sweet, probably full of high fructose whatever....

I have not had baked beans in a LONG time, years!  The wife always hated those sweet things.  I hate the non-vegetarian version...but I was reading about New England Baked beans... in logging camps, a pot was simmered all day with bacon and maple syrup...the result was hearty and tasty, and long simmering kept the log camp from turning into a gaseous cloud....

I make beans of all kinds all the time.  This recipe (click here!) from YANKEE is flippin' AWESOME, vegetarian and cooked in your crock pot all day, you will wonder "WHY THE HECK DON'T I MAKE THESE every day???????????????"

And it did NOT result in this...have a great Friday!


bartster said...

I feel sadness about taking the Christmas tree down as well. We try to postpone until the end of twelve days of Christmas. Many of our ornaments were homemade, gifts from friends and family, so I remember those people and the stories when we put up the tree and again when we put decorations away.
You had quite the busy day yesterday!

Lori Buff said...

I find cleaning is best done to really loud up-beat music.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Actually, I don't find taking the tree down sad, I find it sad to keep it up! it is GONE, and the ornaments, first thing on the 26th....

Michèle Hastings said...

This year the tree was up on December 21st and down by 7:30 am on the 26th. I have also been a cleaning mania, it feels good to clear away the clutter.

cm said...

Taking the full two weeks off means I can hold on to Christmas until after New Year's. I meant to clean but a pulled muscle has put it on hold for the moment. Your shirt is known in some parts as a Mackinaw.

JB said...

I didn't put my tree up this year cause I didn't want to have to pack it up again. That is a chore that always clogs up the start of the year, often much more than the 12 days of Christmas. I have been in front ever since I decided to have a tree free Christmas. A large bunch of home grown Asiatic Lillie's graced the table instead, great scent!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Who knew that little guy in the photo would grow up to be a master baker, professional potter, cat watcher, dog walker, awesome blogger and chicken talker????

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