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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NON-Triskaidekaphobia: 2013 was actually, surprisingly, quite awesome

Triskaidekaphobia: basically, fear of 13.

I was thinking "I'll post four favorite pots representing my work in 2013" but realized that you might want a little MORE. I do!

A quick summary would be something like "A great year!   I cut out gluten and seem to have ended a 4 year stomachache, this pet sitting thing is now 13 months old and keeps me damn busy...chickens today, actually....and finally, YES!  Whoa!  Pottery making went really really well and dang, business?  Shoot?  Where did that come from?  An avalanche of sales, best ever..."  You kinda feel like 2014 has some good possibilities!

We can finish with the pots.

Friends:  I have, at least, 2 Steves and one Ray this year....gotta see as much of them as possible in the new year:  one Steve and a Ray for running and, well, still trying to matchmake with Ray but that sh!t never works out, does it?  And the other Steve is likely the most fun person to chat with you have ever met and a good excuse to get out to listen to rock and roll....

Travel:  I am not one of those people that travels.  The wife travels more, while I stay home watching DUMBO or CADDYSHACK with the dog and cat.... BUT I did travel to NY city in the spring and Ontario in the fall....

21:  years married to the wife!  2014, actually, marks 25 years since we met...whoa, where does the time GO?

Reading:  I am reading an entertaining book right now about a murderer who plants a body in his backyard, and surprise!  Turns out somebody buried other bodies back there before the murderer got there...great plot idea, right?  I love books like that, BUT the best I read in 2013 was FLIGHT BEHAVIOR by Barbara Kingsolver.  I got it from the library last month, read it, and liked it so much I bought a new copy for the wife and to share, a first for me, I think....

Health:  well, most of my 4 year stomachache is reason I like Obamacare, which although unperfect is a great fukking start in the right direction, is that it doesn't make you feel quite so vulnerable to the expensive whims of insurers.  It looks like I have celiac disease, no biggy as long as I stay away from gluten, which has been a fun recipe ride as you know.  Other than that?  I am just as healthy as I was when I met the wife 25 years ago, I really am, and still have jeans that old which are...baggy.

Business:  I remember all those depressing years of the Reagan-Bush economy, when the job picks were slim and business was only so-so.  I don't know why anybody thinks those 2 clowns were good presidents, the economy sucked eggs for years.  But in 1997 it was like the sun dawning:  holy cats, look at this economy!  Then, sadly, we got another Bush....and....anyway, the end of 2013 is starting to feel like that again, wow, where did all this good business come from?  You never take it for granted, just feel grateful...and save.  I also have now 13 months of pet sitting...THAT is fun, and keeps me busy at ALL times, not just the lead-in to Christmas.  So, like, I am still busy babysitting chickens, etc. Being diversified has made me feel like if I don't wanna do somebody's weird-ass order, I don't have to...

ALTHOUGH many weird-ass orders are worth paying attention to! Maybe my favorite work of this last year was when a customer asked for a hippo mug...and in talking with the wife "you could make it dance!" which she demonstrated.  The idea works for other animals too...

Also, I have been working in the other direction, as I do, trained to make pieces like east Asian pots, trying to make a particular shape of vase for the Quaker meeting house I attend...

And, excitingly, I made rockets and robots day woke up wanting to make an airplane! Flown by a was another friend who said "when pigs fly!".  Yes! DUH!

And lastly, I asked the wife what she thought the fourth pottery highlight of the year should be.  This covered mug.  We fight over it here at our house.  It has this groovy new dark green glaze and is, well, perfectly fun to use.....thanks for listening!

(pottery by Gary Rith)


bartster said...

Sounds like 2013 brought lots of good your way, not to mention change. Thanks for the reflections! I'm inspired to give some thought to the year past as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy last day of 2013! I enjoy your blog, you are always upbeat and your pottery is wonderful. Wishing you and your lucky wife a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014.


smalltownme said...

The recipients LOVED the hippo mugs! My nephew-in-law said one mug is for using, and the other mug has gone into his permanent hippo art collection! Thank you so much for making my weird-ass order!

Anonymous said...

I think you've got the best diversification of jobs of anyone I've ever met.

Michèle Hastings said...

I wholeheartedly agree that 2013 was a good year. We got off to a rocky start, business wise, but then BAM! Things got good.

I LOVE Barbara Kingsolver books. I read Flight Behavior too. If you haven't read other books by her, I suggest you put them on your reading list. The Poisonwood Bible was probably my favorite.

Happy New Year!

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