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Friday, December 20, 2013

that dog sure does get AROUND...

(me...and the wife and naughty dog)

Our cousin Catherine was here the other day.  I have chili bubbling away, 13 bean!  So tasty, and pretty! She is from Cincinatti, which is famous for mixing noodles with chili and I ask
"shall I make plain noodles to go with or....Chinese noodles?  "
"Those are the same noodles you made last time I was here?"
"Make the Chinese noodles!"
And I did.
So, we had very spicy chili and Chinese noodles, our own super tasty fusion!
I also made triple chocolate cookies because holy cats, why  use ONE KIND OF CHOCOLATE when you can use THREE TIMES as much?
Catherine gets home and decorates her tree...does her beagle ornament look familiar there?????
Have a great Friday!


Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Gary, have you posted the gluten free version of the triple chocolate cookies? Will you send me a link or a recipe? Pretty Please????

smartcat said...

Penny looks so sweetly innocent; surely she never has a naughty moment.
That's a good looking dog on the tree...Penny does ge around!

Barbara Rogers said...

Pretty beagles turn up everywhere this time of year! Arf Arf!

bartster said...

Loved today's post...wonderful photos of happy people. The table complete with pottery looks wonderful! PS does anybody else notice pottery in the background of shots in movies and TV shows?

Anonymous said...

we're making chili this weekend, too!
I like your sweet tree with all the different ornaments.

smalltownme said...

Yummy food and cute plates and an adorable beagle. You have it all.

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