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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Where the w!ld things are: more gruesome BOY pots!

Not to offend, but like I said yesterday, indeed, I look at some of the things I make (cars, rockets, planes, dogs, fire trucks!) and say "Gary, you make pots a little boy would want to make".
INCLUDING this new line of lizard cups.

Yesterday I showed the first in the series. This one is the second...and it got me thinking "what if the handle became a tail and then I added the face of a MONSTER???

And I finished that monster and I was like "dang, he looks a lot like some w!ld things I have seen before..."  which, for the sake of copyright etc, I will emphasize I said that AFTER I made them and it is just a passing glance and has nothing to do with any famous author's work, book, etc.
I remember hearing that author say "I was a little boy and we visited my old aunts and uncles and my characters are based on them and and their ugly old selves" or something like that....

ANYWAY, I do not make many face jugs these days, but starting the mid-80s I became very interested in southern face jugs...this is a favorite mug of mine, from around '89 next to a small vase from yesterday...character, eh?

Have an awesome day!
(all pottery by Gary Rith and any similarity to anything else is purely coincidental)


Emily SIL said...

I still have one of your face mugs! It got a small crack in it, so I don't drink out of it anymore. It's holding my pens and pencils.

Michèle Hastings said...

face jugs are everywhere here in Seagrove... Jeff makes them occasionally.
You may make monster guy pots, but look at those beautiful vases with flowers in your header photo... totally girl magnets!

Anonymous said...

An underserved market--you have the perfect concept here!

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