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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

the good, the bad and the ugly

We had a helluva gorgeous pink sunset through snowy trees yesterday, as you can see!  It is always hard for a non-photographer like me to get photos of such things...pretty, huh?  You always GROAN "oh winter, so ugly and horrible!" but then you see pretty skies and a cardinal flies past and you remember winter's subtle to spectacular beauty.  As long as you are dressed in your parka and woolies!

In other news, who WOULDn't want to eat out of a troll or ugly ogre, hmm?
(New bowls by Gary Rith)


Lori Buff said...

Snow in upstate New York always looks so beautiful from down here in Georgia.

bartster said...

Troll bowls...has a ring to it, eh?

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, yes yes...gimmy oatmeal in a troll bowl. I do love the loose fluidity of your creatures! The tail is the best.

Hilary said...

Lovely sunset, Gary. I have to agree with you.. not too much to complain about, this winter. This morning, when walking Benny, a deer stopped at a driveway just one home away. He looked at us for a half minute before trotting across the road and into the hills. Beautiful moment. Upon our return, we watched three wolves running across the frozen bay. This is going to be a great winter, nature-wise.

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