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Monday, December 16, 2013

sometimes it is silly but you do it anyway...

pots by me,,,Godzilla and goblin goblets too....
I was insisting to the wife "I make GREAT plain goblets, really I do!" (center of pic above) in the aftermath of making Godzilla goblets (top of pic).  But I went on
"but I have been wondering about lizard feet and some kind of grotesque face on a goblet too..." so Sunday, I finished both.  A goblet with feet is pretty damn silly and may be the only I ever make...but they did crack me up!
Then, of course, you realize that there is a terrific name for them: GOBLIN GOBLETS.


Michèle Hastings said...

You do make a great plain goblet, with a graceful stem. I see so many that just look too clunky and awkward. Godzilla and monsters are cool too.

Barbara Rogers said...

Those are the cutest goblets I've ever seen! Makes me want to drink out of them till I'm seeing double.

JB said...

I love putting feet on pots, and when I do I often make them into different shoes. I think you have reinvented your goblets into fab goblins!

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