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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

more minimal drawing and you know it is Christmas when the cat eats the tree

(like I said yesterday:  I am doodling along FUN NEW LINES! (pun) and trying to see what little I can do to suggest everything you need to see in a drawing...2 cats above)

I know you are waiting to hear about the tree, but here is a haiku first:

Spike wants his breakfast
But Penny is still hiding
Under the covers

That cat I drew above?  Here he is.
We don't bother with a full size tree.
You can see why.

Which does not mean the dog is any kind of angel, I mean, if she was bigger?  She would finish that berry pie of mine on the counter in 2 seconds....
hey, happy Wednesday!  Just one week until..... !!!!


cookingwithgas said...

Love the cat swirl.
Pie! Yes, please.

smartcat said...

I love what you are doing with the line drawings. They're very Japanese.
As for pie and Christmas......why else do we put them out but for the amusement of our 4-legger family members?

Barbara Rogers said...

So very you...the minimalist drawings. I can't decide which says Spike more...the swirl or squiggly furry. One says sleek, one says soft.

bartster said...

Such whimsical and evocative drawings with so few lines! If less is more, your "less" is LOTS!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

The cat drawing with the swirly tail!!!! Love it!!!!

smalltownme said...

Love love love the new style.

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