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Friday, December 6, 2013

running to Youngstown...

OK, for real, I have the biggest fair of my year in Syracuse Sat-Sun at a high school.

Maybe that is why I dreamt just now:  I was a high schooler myself, and surrounded by ...well...other high schoolers, UGH.  Who wants to go there again?  Anyway, at an outdoor assembly I screamed at the assembled crowds "fukk all of you!" and gave them all a meaningful rude gesture to show I mean it.

Then I ran....I was with a couple of other like minded friends, and it was clear we would be torn to pieces and we agreed to split up "let's all run to our girlfriends' houses!" but mine was hundreds of miles away in Youngstown, for some reason, hundreds of miles away... I figured I would have to run a 26.2 mile marathon each day for...several days.

It has been a super busy week.  I have odds and ends to take care of today, like pack pots into our wee car.  I made a stack of pots early this week, dried them on the heater (see pic, pots and laundry drying!) and they fired to 2200 degrees yesterday...and I can pack them later today.  I can move fast sometimes: a bag of clay on Monday is a bunch of mugs and bowls by Friday....


Unknown said...

So excited for tomorrow!

bartster said...

What an evocative and powerful phrase, "a bag of clay on Monday is a bunch of mugs and bowls by Friday". All the imagination and creativity (and work) in between is something to celebrate!

Lori Buff said...

Fingers are crossed for good shows for all of us.

smartcat said...

See? Potters are the true alchemists.

Toes crossed for an excellent week end. Love the jammies.

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