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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

a hard working therapy dog....

As you know, my beagle Penny is a therapy dog.  The vet told us some time ago as she was giving Penny yet another painful vaccination shot which she seemed to enjoy greatly while kissing and loving the vet  "my gosh, she is so friendly, she should become a Cornell Companion* therapy dog and go to Longview!" and we did and we do.

Somebody asked the other day if she had a lot of training before becoming a therapy dog and I was like "" not saying that the type of therapy dog SHE happens to be is merely, um, PROM QUEEN style.  Meaning, she uses her naturally outgoing, friendly and sweet nature to bring fun to other people.  She is not especially well-behaved or obedient BUT she is enthusiastic and outgoing and full of kisses!
*Cornell companions is an official program from the University Vet School to train and place dogs who qualify in locations where friendly dogs can bring some cheer.  She is a Cornell Companion, but our gig at Longview is Senior Living is a seperate volunteer thing....


smalltownme said...

She works hard for a living.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Penny is the best. It really takes so little from US to give joy to others; you and Penny do it well!

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