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Saturday, December 21, 2013

recipe SECRETS....gluten-free chocolate chip and triple chocolate cookies!

OK, like I say:  the other day cousin Catherine is here.  She will say "we're foodies", and it is true, her family will come over with a great bottle of wine or 2 and eat and ENJOY any wacky thing I she has been a professional baker and chef herself since she was 16.  AND a newspaper restaurant reviewer. A totally fun guest, and the sort that you hand a cutting board and knife and makes half the dinner for you...

ANYWAY, Wednesday we were making tortilla corn chips (do it yerself, click here!) and she is like "this is how we make potato chips!" and I was like "say what, potato chips at home, on a COOKIE SHEET? ANY OLD cookie sheet, even my gnarly old one????" "YEP"

And by coincidence I buy this new VERY sharp knife at the restaurant supply store Friday and realize that I now have no excuse but to NOT try making potato chips to surprise the wife... and dang it is true, it is the EASIEST thing to do.... (click here for link--basically, slice potato thin, brush with evoo and bake then EAT, like drenched in hot salsa, mmmmmm)

THE OTHER thing Catherine and I baked went like this "hey Catherine, let's invent a recipe!" and everybody knows that whereas chocolate chip cookies are good, and for many of of us, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are a NECCESSITY, tripling the chocolate is EVEN BETTER!

Claudia at Idiot's Kitchen is begging me for the recipe...which I am not gonna share.
BUT, I will help you do it....
Start here with a rice flour chocolate chip cookie recipe (click!).
How do you triple the chocolate?  Why don't you improvise, like I did?

SO HERE IS the secret: use that recipe, or any chocolate chip cookie recipe and melt a half cup of chocolate chips and stir into the wet part of the recipe....and to the dry part?  Add 1/4 cup cocoa powder and 1/4-1/2 cup more flour, otherwise just follow your recipe.  That is IT!


bartster said...

Increasing chocolate seems appropriate in any situation. Those cookies look really tasty...imagining how they'd go with some fresh ground and pressed coffee....going to the pantry now:)

smartcat said...

Hmmmmm....this sounds like a good gift for my gluten free friends!
Happy Solstice to you and all your friends and relations.

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