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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Garyzilla strikes again! And one fact and one dream, chapter 4, we need you!!!


Rather awesome wall sculpture I made down below, hmm?

I wrote a limerick just now to go with it:

Just as you shell the pistachio or walnut,
Godzilla treats cars like we do a peanut!
Grab a car,
Open it like a jar!
Juicy people inside to fill his gut....

My fact today, as with much of the northern USA, is HANDS down that was the nicest and most mild January EVER. Yesterday was incredible, sunny and nearly 60 degrees. Most of the month was sooooo warm it made me happy....December was too....they say we will pay for it, but last year was VERY wintry, so I think maybe we earned this Here is another fact: I hate that movie GROUNDHOG DAY. That irritating actress Andie something reminds me of...never mind.
I'll tell you what I am dreaming of: in addition to another mild month, as a NEW YORKER I am dreaming of another Giants super bowl, oh yes I am......

(wall sculpture by Gary Rith)
Check out this rather extraordinary video from the Creeping Cruds, a punk bands like a rougher version of the Ramones, awesome visuals too, and so appropriate today...


Corinne Tyo said...

Fact: Guys will dream about other men 70% of the time while women will dream about men and women equally. Also, guys will deny that fact 100% of the time :)
Dream: To get an awesome summer job or internship or something like that. Something that doesn't involve sandwiches or upholstery fabric.

Lori Buff said...

Go Giants!!!

Joe Troncale said...

There once was a guy named Gary
Who sculpts dinosaurs that are scary.
they crush little people in the head
while he eats soda bread,
All in all, it's very merry!

Gary's psychiatric sessions are taped and edited for a reality TV show.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

hey, nuttiness can pay off big, eh Joe? I should mention, Joe is not only a potter but an MD

Joe Troncale said...

Be very careful when choosing your doctor!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I should also say, VERY nice off the cuff limerick there, joe! And Corinne, wish i could hire you for the summer!

Michèle Hastings said...

FACT: We had a new toilet installed yesterday and can't stop admiring it.

DREAM: Last night I dreamed about Angry Birds (I have been playing waaaay too much, that's another fact). In the dream, birds were not smashing and blowing up pigs... they were smashing POTTERY!

smartcat said...

Fact: Patriots WILL win on sunday.

Dream: early spring

Keep those Garyzillaz coming!

cookingwithgas said...

Fact- you can not get a vacuum cleaner through customs.
Dream- we all make the world a better place and we all eat out of handmade bowls... I get two since I am older than you !!

Knight said...

Juicy People? What if you get a rotten one?

Fact: It's so nice outside I could go out and tan!

Dream: I was with Gary Busey and my third grade teacher on the back of a bus and for some reason my teeth kept falling out.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

It has been beautiful! I've been running outside lately. Great sculpture. :)

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