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Saturday, February 11, 2012

cats cats cats cats and more cat mugs!

You may need some cat mugs....gotta bunch listed at my etsy will recall that my old friend Pete saw my heart mugs and was like "could you shape a heart into a cat? People love cats." and Summer was like "could you do the handle like a tail????" and its like, now I am making cat things left and right.....

Buster is like "I don't need a cat mug" (the very first animal mugs I made were of Buster and inspired by him, nearly 13 years ago...."

1 comment:

goej said...

I simply adore your cat-mugs, love the tail handle.

I´ve been reading many potters blogs and almost all have cats in their households...

Cats and clay, to of lifes favorite things for me, so cat-mugs is a musthave.

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