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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a rare look behind the curtain that is me

Hey, I am an award winner, lucky me, and THANKS to GZ, Welsh potter and blogger (ohmygosh, don't you love that, WELSH and A POTTER????) for singling me out and making my day.

I am to do 2 things, I think, like a chain letter. Award other bloggers then list something totally random.

I regret to say, rather than make the recommended list of 5 or the 124 or so blogs I follow, I am going to only award ONE blogger. I have recognized other blogs in the distant past, and choose one that I have not singled out before. (Kasey is totally wacky as you know, but let me introduce somebody new, OK?)

Day by Day with Busy Bee Suz gets my nod. If my criteria for a good blogger was
a) posts frequently--there are some neglected blogs out there b) adds lots of pictures c) is always entertaining d) writes well--I mean, some people have interesting topics but are boring writers and the challenge is to write interestingly about nothing at all e) although it is people's business what they blog, Suz is always positive--I try to be positive on my blog too.

Suz is about exactly my age and has been with her husband about exactly as long as me and the wife have been together. She also, like me, HATES PLASTIC BAGS. So, on the one hand, we have a lot in common, including houses full of dogs and cats. But then, she is also a parent and I am not...of a college student and high schooler. As a grown child myself, I am amazed at how other people my age can have kids...who are adults too! But it happens.
Anyway, Suz is a sweetie pie, and unique in the blogging world for her kindness and her fun posts.

OK, random something about me, part 2 of winning here?
Shall I be honest? I heard Woody Allen on the radio the other day, saying "people think that because they see an artist's work, they KNOW him" and boy, do I understand that. In Woody's case, he goes on to say "people think I am this intellectual living in Greenwich Village. Really, I live in a nice apartment on the upper east side, I flunked out of college and I like to watch sports. I was very athletic when I was young..." and you're like "Woody Allen was an ATHLETE?".

In my case, I put myself out there on this blog as some kind of freewheeling and friendly socialite--and I am, behind the keyboard. The truth is, I am, well, from my side, painfully shy and severely agoraphobic. It has been true my whole life. I have a very hard time with new people and new places and have an anxiety attack whenever somebody is coming over or I have to go somewhere new. I am trying to face this more now than I have before and get out a bit. So on the one hand, I may seem friendly, but on the other hand, I am a bit like Charlie Brown talking to Lucy in the Christmas show, where he discovers he has ALL THE PHOBIAS......

There. A rare look behind the curtain that is me. Cooked up a mess of pots yesterday, have a quick look at the before and after, alright? Lots of cats and Godzillas in there indeed....


kate and jim said...

So glad that we've become friends, Gary and you've taken the drive to visit here.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Awwww....shucks Gary! *blushing shyly*
You are so sweet to pass this on to me, it really means a lot to read all the nice stuff you have to say! You've made my day, and then some.
We do have a lot in common, besides being earth loving and having critters. I am *sometimes* shy, but am pushing myself to get over it as well! I know you can are a great guy and can make other people feel happy too!
Thanks for the shout-out; I am humbled!

Love the collection of pots here; gorgeous colors!

Oh, and Woody Allen? WHO KNEW?????

Lori Buff said...


Elizabeth Grimes said...

Congrats, those awards are fun. Just love the Godzilla.

smalltownme said...

I'm shy too. Thanks for coming out, as they say. Hey, I'm drinking coffee from my NEW CAT MUG! I love it! Everyone needs one of Gary's new cat mugs.

Knight said...

That's why I say I love Woody Allen's work but I can't say I love Woody himself because I don't know the guy.

I have to admit when we met you were far more soft spoken then I was expecting. You somehow pull off being sweet and a badass all at once ;)

Heather Crandall said...

You are awesome, Gary. So glad we're friends.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

BADASS c'est moi :)
watch for the cat things, and thank you!

gz said...

Well!! and here's me hates being jammed in crowds and small spaces.

You write a damn good blog, post luscious recipes and make lovely pots, that is what matters

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

AHA! So it was Smalltownme who got my cat mug! That will teach me to be too slow as an online shopper. Those blue cat mugs are mighty cute. Let me know when some are for sale and I'll try again. :) You deserve many honors for blogging every dang day!

Joe Troncale said...

You don't have to be an extrovert if you are an artist because you can let your work speak for you. In your case, Gary, you are generally SCREAMING through your work!!! Keep it up!
Thanks for introducing me to all the other bloggers!!!

Reverend Awesome said...

I'm a known wackadoo!
Of course I suffer the same affliction as you. Oh social interaction. It's so exhausting.

What a nice little write up about the Busy Bee, Suz!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You've done a great job detailing all the reasons I love Suz!

You're right--I never picked up an agoraphobic vibe from you . . .!

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