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Monday, February 13, 2012

one dream and one fact, LITERALLY! we need YOU today to check in...

Read on to find out what this is all about today, but please, go to comments and share ONE FACT and one DREAM with us! I love hearing from you....and now....

FINALLY got my favorite (only) cat Spike (he would be your favorite too) with this mug type that he models for. You can tell by the wide bodied profile of the mug who it is modeled after indeed....

Saturday night into Sunday I dreamt that I drove to pick up the wife from a class she was taking at my clay supplier...who does offer classes. She had taken a clay decorating class using underglaze and wax resist (techniques I have never done together before), and when I arrived, she had done some awesome work, I liked the instructor, and I said to the wife "you should join me in the studio! we could do some things together, or whatever..." and I told her all about this at breakfast and she got into the idea too.

Fact is, the wife was involved in clay at the Kansas City Art Institute before I was born, and throughout childhood. I met the wife because she has a nice mixed bag of literary and artistic skills, and was running a gallery and studio. But she has not touched clay in years, never in my studio, and so yesterday was kind of a first. Amazing. All kinds of people invite themselves over, but she has never...(and I am realizing that I have her grandmother's rolling pin, seen here...)

SO, point a) she came in and got started on some tiles to decorate and b) my dream gave me tremendous ideas to try , that is a fact, and more on that later this week....


suzNkton said...

Well, none of my dreams ever mean much. But Greg had a dream that he was late for his new job.....and the FACT is that he starts a new job today!

Barbara Rogers said...

Fact: I have 2 cats and have made cat mugs!(that's 2 facts and 2 cats)
Dream: Birds birds birds. (The cats dream maybe, but I want to make some in clay)

Corinne Tyo said...

Fact: Blue gills are carnivores and eat worms like spaghetti
Dream: For my blue gill to get nice and big so he doesn't need to take five turns to eat one worm. Also, for him to love me as much as I love him. I wish fish could show their love like cats and dogs do :/

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Fact: I'm in Minnesota today and it's COLD! Dream: that my dumb computer that is too slow, would magically transform itself into a new apple product with a 27 inch screen. (not likely, but hey, it's a dream!)

Very cool that your lovely wife joined you in the studio!

Unknown said...

So loved seeing Maude doing some clay work...nice tile. I love textures, way to go Maude. How come you have never used underglaze techniques with was way fun! I also love the technique on greeware where you use shellac (cheap stuff) and then wipe away design so it's in relief form...even more fun! Because shellac is organic just burns right out in bisque firing.
I don't dream much anymore, just glad to be lol

Joe Troncale said...

Fact: I love reading this blog...Cat pottery somehow "works" better than dog pottery.
Dream: Getting some time to do some throwing. I got a new pug mill and darned if the thing doesn't require a dedicated electrical source. So I have this beautiful machine and can't use it yet. May the electrician come soon!!!

Michèle Hastings said...

Fact: It's been TOO cold here in the south and we woke up to frozen pipes yesterday.

Dream: Steve Carrel appeared in my dream last night, I have no clue where he came from or why. He was just as goofy as his role in the Office.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

sorry to put this out there, and I totally appreciate your responses, but I had dreamt recently that our old dog Buster gave up.....and died.....and yesterday, he stopped drinking water and succumbed to old age/chronic illness etc. at noon....just like I had dreamt, and as a fact, his grave will have morning glories blooming all over it next summer :)

Unknown said...

Gary, I am so sorry to hear that Buster has passed away. Our thoughts are with you and Maude x

cookingwithgas said...

some facts are sad- thinking of you both and hope your hearts are warm.
Fact- winter comes
dream- but gives way to spring

Joe Troncale said...

I was going to make a flip remark, then I read about your dog. I am really sorry. I think a Buster mug is in order.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, Buster.....he will be missed. So sorry for your loss.
I think your wife is the perfect blend of all things good...and she loves you to pieces too.
Take care.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I got so lost in the loss of Buster that I forgot my dream and fact.
I had a dream last night about selling girl scout cookies. This is from my many years of selling with the girls no doubt.
fact: i have a sinus headache that won't go away. Florida is covered with yellow pollen right now....I kinda want to go to NY to get away from it.

Take care,

smartcat said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Buster. It's so nice that he could be with you right to the end. I love the morning glories. Breezy, my late doggy, has inspired a memory garden.

A Woofy Cheer raised in Buster's memory.

Reverend Awesome said...

I'm so sorry about dear Buster. I look forward to pictures of beautiful morning glories this summer.

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