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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The most moist mole a$$e$ muffins EVER

Remember suddenly, like, 1988 or '90, bran muffins were everywhere? People suddenly decided they would eat bran muffins and live FOREVER. You made them at home (I did!) using first a box of bran cereal (dry and horrible and grim, like eating hockey pucks!) or from a box of bran (dry and horrible and grim, like a hockey puck!) or from a magazine (dry and horrible and grim, like a hockey puck!). If you went to funkin' gonuts, like I also did, and were like "hey, look at their big beautiful bran muffin!" and you eat it, and it was rich and moist and delish...and later you hear on the radio that one funkin' gonuts bran muffin had nearly TWICE the calories and fat and sugar as one of their creme just gave up and went back to creme donuts (this is all TRUE, every bit of it!).

Anyway, Spike and I have got the BEST molasses bran muffin recipe anywhere, and you can have it here. Spike was hoping for mole asses, and did not want bran muffins. This uses no sugar, just apple sauce and molasses and is wicked tasty and moist alright....
later that same day, i made a simple chili with noodles, as you will see, recipe is down below......

I have had this recipe so long, not sure where it came from---make it as spicy as you like:
Fast and easy spaghetti chili

-Saute one cup (more or less) bell pepper and onion with garlic cloves and a jalapeno until softish, 5 minutes or so, in big soup pot.
--Stir in 20 oz. fresh or canned diced tomatoes, 15-16 oz. can of kidney or pinto beans (rinsed and drained), 3 cups water (3 cups for soupish chili, 2 1/4 for much thicker chili), 1/2 cup your favorite BBQ or taco sauce, shots of tabasco, bl. pepper shakes, some chili powder, and boil then simmer several minutes. I add non-meat sausage here too, about 3 oz.
--add a cup and a half, about 4 oz., pasta (noodles or spaghetti snapped in half) and boil and then turn down and simmer ten minutes........I usually like to simmer it longer on the lowest heat.

WICKED yummy and tasty!


Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Laughed my mole ass off at the grim hockey puck bran muffin description. So sad and so true. These look good! Spike approved! Have a great weekend.

smartcat said...

Sounds yummy and looks so pretty in the bowl.

Bob's Red Mill has lots of tasty recipes and flours, grains, cereals etc. And for you gluten-free folks some excellent gluten free mixes.

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