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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Benji is like George Clooney, except a lot more handsome and personable

So, like you might expect, the minute I post below how hard it is for me to leave the house and see people, I go out and see my best pal Benji and his cat Scotia. Scotia is a grey tiger from the shelter in this Spike is ALSO a grey tiger from the shelter in this county...try to tell me that these identical looking cats are not related (except Spike is, um, plus sized, and Scotia is, well, a swimsuit model)---the 2 cats have identical friendly and outgoing personalities too.

Now, I am getting closer to the 50 side of things...well, deeper into my mid-40s anyway, and I have, if I may say, great hair. Good enough. Every man in my family has always been bald, and here is me, perpetually fuzzy.

OK, then you have Clooney, right? George is in his 50s and has great hair, great personality, sweet guy, great actor, funny, talented, smooth. But Ben? Ben is a million times more handsome, smooth and friendly than Clooney...and Ben's hair...believe me, there is plenty under that hat, is superb. Oscarworthy hair......


Reverend Awesome said...

Scotia and Spike HAVE to be related! I like Ben's jacket!

Of course you know I love your argyle sweater. That goes without saying.

It is interesting seeing people's hands. You both have long fingers.

Knight said...

You're messing with me Gary!
You do both have great hair.

Jeez that Benji is such a looker. I'm jealous. I want to come play with the cats.

BSOB said...

hey you girls are both welcome to come hang out in Ith - very fun city - for cats and people..

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oscarworthy hair? Oh, that is perfect. I think the two of you could be related!!!

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